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Youth Under 30 Open Discussion w/ MPD by CNS

What: How many of us know someone who has some type of issue with police officers? Whether it’s a lack of trust or maybe fear, this event is to give the youth a platform to speak their truths and be heard. At least two Milwaukee Police Officers will have an open discussion with youth about whatever questions, concerns or stories the youth may have. There will be no main speakers because we want everyone to be on the same level. Serious conversation will occur that might provoke emotion, so respect must be shown. Anyone will be removed, if needed. This is not a public event, RSVP is required. There are a limited amount of slots so please only RSVP if you can guarantee you’ll be at the open discussion. This event is for individuals 30 and under. For any questions contact Nyesha Stone via email at

Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Location: The Salvation Army, 4129 W. Villard Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53209

MUST RSVP. Free and available to those 30 and under.