Rapper Peez Finally Drops EP "About Damn Time"

Rapper Peez Finally Drops EP "About Damn Time"

It’s about damn time that rapper Peez drops his EP. The city has been waiting to see Peez reach his full potential, and with his latest EP About Damn Time”dropping today, the world is seeing what Peez is all about.

Peez dropped his single Til I, on Sept. 17 as a test run to see if he should drop an entire project. He was surprised at the love he received from the song, so he decided to take it up a notch by dropping seven more.

About Damn Time is an eight-track EP that ranges from trap rap to something for the ladies. The EP contains only one feature—Dev Diamond—because Peez wanted his own voice and lyrics to speak for itself, without the help from other artists. He even sing/raps on this EP to show his fans his versatility.

Full track list to Peez’s About Damn Time. (Cover art by Justin Gordon)

“I wasn’t known as an artist in the city,” he said about why he felt it was important to put his all into this project. Although he was seen with other artists from around the city, he knew he had to make his own stance in the scene to become noticed.

Today is not only Christmas Eve, but the day to listen to About Damn Time, which Peez has been working on for months. It’s also important to note that today is Peez’s grandmother’s birthday. Hattie Smith—better known as Nandi—passed away almost two years ago, in Jan. of 2016. He wanted a way to honor is grandmother, which is why he chose Dec. 24.

The intro song was also named after her, Nandi’s Birthday, which features Peez’s little sister waking him up to remind him of Nandi’s birthday and that it’s time to drop his EP.

“Happy Birthday to the woman who was the motivation behind my project and the woman I dedicated this project to,” Peez wrote in a Facebook post. “I hope your grandson made you proud with this. Love you forever Nandi, Happy Birthday Queen.”

Each track has its own mood or vibe because each track is based off how Peez was feeling while making those songs. There isn’t one overall vibe he wanted the EP to have, it was all about putting himself into every song.

He may receive a lot of love on social media but Peez wanted to see who really supported him. Two days ago, on Dec. 22, Peez held a listening party and invited the city to come listen to his EP for the first time before it’s actual release date.

“I wanna see who’s supporting [and] who’s attention I got,” he said. And to his delight, his supporters came pouring in. Artists PaperStacks, Mo’City, Ammorelle and more came to show their support as well.

Hot food and Kool-Aid mixed with Very Fine fruit juice was served to the guest. Intermissions were taken in between songs for the audience to give their feedback, and it’s safe to say they fuck with it.

Aside from the EP, Peez said he has a lot more in store come next year. He plans on releasing multiple visuals and dropping more music, but until then, appreciate what he’s given us thus far.

Because it’s about damn time Peez established himself as an artist in the music scene.

About Damn Time is available on all streaming platforms.

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