Hi-Five's Top 5 at Turner Hall Ballroom is Tonight, March 29

Hi-Five's Top 5 at Turner Hall Ballroom is Tonight, March 29

Ryan Rosmann. (Photo by Eric McCambridge)

Hi-Five Studio has become an important pillar in Milwaukee’s music scene. They seem to be open 24 hours with artists coming in and out their studio. Owner Ryan Rosmann has been seen and heard countless times saying he has the goal of making Hi-Five Milwaukee’s biggest community hub.

Rosmann wanted to go the extra mile and give Milwaukee artist Ammorelle a different spotlight than anything she’s had before. Ammorelle is the main focus of Hi-Five’s first documentary, “Zero Undiscovered” that has the purpose of exposing the creative community in Milwaukee.

According to their Indiegogo campaign: “Zero Undiscovered is a documentary exploring how one music studio set out to change the culture, and in the process became a part of a revolution in the way we look at music/ artistic collaboration. This film explores how the culture is shifting, and one artist ‘Ammorelle's’ journey through it all.”

Eric McCambridge is directing the documentary.

Ryan Rosmann and Ammorelle. (Photo by Eric McCambrige)

Ammorelle couldn’t put into words how it felt to be a part of a documentary. She had to get used to being on camera for long periods of time.

The documentary gave Ammorelle “a better understanding that you can really go anywhere with music.”

She also learned how to develop a cohesive project and how to be more flexible when it comes to her music. Not every beat or lyric will work, but if you keep going, it’ll all come together.

They began shooting in October of last year, and to finish the documentary off with a “grand finale,” Rosmann and his team decided to put together a concert that features Ammorelle, Mo’City, Will Pfrang & The Good Land, Dev Diamond, plus special guest.

Through the documentary, Rosmann wants to show how much teamwork it takes to make it.

Hi-Five’s Top 5 at Turner Hall Ballroom is happening tonight at 7 p.m. with a fee of $10.

According to Rosmann, the artists they picked were the ones him and his team thought needed that extra push to get them where they need to be in their artist careers. “All the artists are very different,” Rosmann said about the show’s line up.

Rosmann said they looked at multiple locations, but Turner Hall was the right fit—price, size and history. The ballroom sits about 900 people—tickets have been selling well and will be sold up until the start of the show. “We just want to give a platform to our artists like we keep talking about,” said Rosmann.

He continued: “This is a way to expose artist in a completely different way.”

Ammorelle will be performing new music with lots of energy and bringing on special guest Jayne Joyce and Genesis Renji. This show will help Milwaukee understand them as artists more, she said.

“[Turner Hall] is definitely a place I wanted to perform at [and] this is the first time I’ve seen a studio put together a show in Milwaukee,” said Ammorelle so come out and show support.

The show will feature four host: Rosmann, McCambridge, Daniel Zambrano, Hi-Five’s director of marketing and Marissa J. Williams, film producer of Zero Undiscovered. The DJ is The HomeReckers and it’s sponsored by Digitus Media, Live Undiscovered Music - LÜM, DA PLUG Magazine and Meteor Base.

Mo’City. (Photo by Justin Gordon)

Mo’City was contacted by Rosmann to be a part of the show, and he said it was something he had to do.

“Hi-Five has given me so much,” Mo’City said about his excitement to be a part of the show. “They’re like my family here.”

He said this show is a symbol of Hi-Five and the community they’ve been fostering. Mo’City will be using his time on stage to share his favorite song about his late father.

“This is the coming out party for my next project,” said Mo’City.

He also stated how there will never be another show that will feature these artists all on the same stage, so why would you miss it?

“It’s good for the city,” he said.

Although people may see this show as just another concert, it’s important to note the role Hi-Five plays in Milwaukee. They are the home to a lot of Milwaukee’s music and this show is just them saying thank you to the city. And, it’s also showing the city that once we all work together, nothing can stop us.

“This is not about Hi-Five, it’s about Milwaukee,” said Rosmann. It’s all about having a “good community feel” at the concert, since that’s what Hi-Five is based off of.

Zero Undiscovered is expected to be released in June. The team is still looking for funding. If you would like to donate, click the link.

Tickets for Hi-Five’s Top 5 at Turner Hall are $10 and can be purchased at the

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