VP Joe Biden Shows Support for Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes at Rally

VP Joe Biden Shows Support for Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes at Rally

Joe Biden came to Milwaukee to show his support for Wisconsin’s democrats. (Picture by Nyesha Stone)

Six days. Just six days until Election Day. Are you ready?

With 2016 being one of the most, if not the most, shocking election in U.S. history, Americans should take this election to heart. Just like many people have been saying, the things we care most about are on the ballot—healthcare, education, employment and more. And, although those specific topics aren’t literally on the ballot, the people who are on the ballot represent those things.

This election is so important that many leaders have come down to Milwaukee to discuss the very topic—President Barack Obama, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and now Vice President Joe Biden.

Mahlon Mitchell said it’s time to get Scott Walker out of office. (Picture by Nyesha Stone)

Biden, just like others who’ve came, came to show his support for Tony Evers, candidate running for governor of Wisconsin and Mandela Barnes, candidate running for lieutenant governor of Wisconsin.

The Vote Early Rally was held at Local 113 Hall, 6310 W. Appleton Ave. around 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 30.

Now, many people ask, ‘why vote?’ and President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin Mahlon Mitchell—the youngest Black person to have the position— said we have to vote to get rid of people like Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin.

He said rallies are nice, but action has to be taken.

“Let’s make sure we’re out there canvassing,” said Mitchell. “If we work hard, we win.”

Mitchell was born in Milwaukee and raised in Delavan, worked in Madison and now lives in Fitchburg, which means he has a good grasp of what the entire state of Wisconsin needs, and he said we need a new governor.

Josh Kaul said we need someone who will fight for justice. (Picture by Nyesha Stone)

During his speech, he told the crowd that it’s time, time to focus on the things that matter most to the people of Wisconsin. The crowd then began to chant with him “It’s time.”

Josh Kaul, candidate running for attorney general of Wisconsin, brought up difficult topics such as gun laws. With Milwaukee being one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S., fighting against this crisis is something that should be on Wisconsin’s list to fix, said Kaul.

“I think we need an AG (attorney general) who’s going to fight for justice,” he said. “We need some common gun safety laws.”

He continued: “No parent should have to worry about the safety of water their kids are drinking.”

Sarah Godlewski spoke with enthusiasm about the upcoming election. (Picture by Nyesha Stone)

Milwaukee isn’t the only city in Wisconsin suffering from lead in the water, and Kaul said we need to do something about it.

Kaul also stated that if put into office, he will make sure Foxconn lives up to what they say they’re going to do. And, according to Walker, Foxconn promises to create over 200,000 jobs, but only time will tell.

Her high-pitched voice echoed throughout the hall, as she shared her excitement for running for state treasurer. Sarah Godlewski came on stage ready to “take our state back.”

According to Godlewski, earlier this year, Walker tried to get rid of the office which contains the treasurer. But, what happens when a state’s money isn’t in order? Godlewski said getting rid of this office would only be detrimental to the people of Wisconsin.

“We need to ensure someone is watching our money and that’s what state treasurer does,” she said.

She then ended her speech stating that if people want change then they have to vote for people like Evers and Barnes.

Mandela Barnes says he needs the people of Wisconsin to get him into office. (Picture by Nyesha Stone)

“I am incredibly honored to be a part of this ticket (ballot),” Godlewski said.

One of the men of the hour came to the stage: Barnes. And, the first topic he brought up was healthcare. According to Barnes, 70,000, or more, could be covered by BadgerCare, which is why he promises that him and Evers will expand Medicaid, something Walker refused to do.

Tony Evers said he will fix Wisconsin’s streets. (Picture by Nyesha Stone)

He then thanked Obama for opening up the door to call politicians and leaders out on their lies because he then called out Walker and other leaders who don’t stick to their words.

As a Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) graduate, Barnes says it’s time to bring Wisconsin out the dungeons and fix our education system—statewide. And, it starts by funding our school and making higher education accessible.

“We have to make Wisconsin a state we’re proud of,” he said. “The only way to make this happen is to vote.”

Wisconsin has spent eight long years putting special interests before the people of Wisconsin, said Evers, but he said he will be the opposite.

“It’s time for a change,” he said. “No question about it.”

Evers then went on to discuss issues such as the many potholes the state has, or in Evers words “Scott holes.”

The crowd laughed and cheered with hopes their issues will be heard this time around on Nov. 6.

Joe Biden says communication is key to change. (Picture by Nyesha Stone)

“We need people to get out and vote,” Evers said. “And I know we can do it.”

Biden was the last to step on stage, but he kept the people’s attention. He said he came to Wisconsin to not only show his support to Wisconsin’s democrats, but to talk to the people of Wisconsin about their current predicament.

“The government doesn’t understand you are the well being of this state,” Biden said.

He then went on to discuss the tragedies that have been happening across the nation. From the Pittsburgh shooting to the helicopter crash in Florida. Biden told the crowd they need to pay attention to the hate that’s terrorizing the county, and pay attention to the leaders who are supporting the hate.

“Folks, we have to recognize words matter. We have to change the rhetoric here, across the board,” Biden said. “We have to change the way we talk to each other.”

Although all Americans aren’t to blame for the country’s troubles, it’s all of our duty to help change the nation, he said.

“The only people that can destroy America is Americans,” he said.

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