Mudy Finally Releases First EP "What's Next?"

Mudy Finally Releases First EP "What's Next?"

Mudy had us all shook a few days ago when she announced she was done making music. To our delightful surprise, she was just being Mudy. She had the whole city on her heels to drop her first EP What’s Next, which released this morning at midnight on May 29.

The official tracklist for Mudy’s What’s Next EP (Cover art by Steven Robinson)

As her first EP, Mudy set the tone on what it means to give your fans what they’re asking for, plus more.

It’s anticipation every time Mudy’s about to drop because we never know when she’s actually going to release, and she played off that theme with this EP.

“Everybody always worried about the next thing,” she said about the meaning of her title. Although Mudy is always dropping fire, her fans are always begging for more, so she addresses this in the EP.

The first track on What’s Next, “This and That” discusses just that. The very first thing Mudy addresses is her annoyance with people asking her about new music:

“Tired of niggas askin me this/askin me that/when ima do this/when ima do that like…when ima drop”

Each song brings a different sound, and according to Mudy, don’t go into each other nicely. Through What’s Next, Mudy takes us into her mind of how she’s feeling about her fans, haters, women and having fun.

Before this EP, Mudy had four to five songs out including “Havoc” and “Plugged In” which got her fans feening for more music.

Mudy began working on her EP in August or September with the goal of showing off all of her talents. She understands quality over quantity because she made four songs feel like an entire album. There’s lyricism for those who like to read between lines and there’s even a twerking vibe for those who like to have a good time.

“Shit been coming together overtime,” Mudy said about creating her EP. “I was playing with so many sounds.”

When listening to the EP, be ready to take a ride through emotions, although Mudy constantly states throughout the EP that she doesn’t do emotions.

Mudy said to play close attention to the order of the songs, with the last song being her favorite.

Mudy likes to move in silence, which is why she’s pictured as a Mime. (Picture by Steven Robinson)

Mimes move in silence and you really never know what to expect from them, which is why Mudy chose to portray one for her EP. She likes playing off the fact that people don’t know, ever, what’s next for her musically, but they always can expect greatness.

And when it comes to What’s Next, “people aren’t going to expect it to sound how it sounds.”

Some may look at Mudy and think that she doesn’t have the talent she does, so she addresses that issue through her lyrics:

“I’ve been being humble/think it’s time for me to flex…keep em’ on they toes/never know/you gotta guess.”

Before the drop of the EP, Mudy held a small listening party on May 11 at Studio 440. Those who went were the first to be graced with a full listen to What’s Next. Mudy was surprised at the turnout and the crowds reaction, but it was a good indicator to her of how well her EP would do when it drops.

“I gave them something to look at,” Mudy said about the people who attended her listening party, and to those who are just now listening to it.

What’s Next was produced by Ink & Drums, Rowan, Neely and KDAGreat. And Camb put his final touches on it with his mixing and mastering skills.

Mudy’s first EP What’s Next is available on all streaming platforms. Go download now.


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