Tyf Media is Bringing Industry Quality to the City

Tyf Media is Bringing Industry Quality to the City

Anthony Doffek. (Picture by Tyf Media)

Milwaukee is arguably the heart of the state and the creatives are making the city beat faster than it ever has before. The city is constantly producing blogs, tracks, music videos, but not every individual is producing quality stuff. There are many entrepreneurs, and those wanting to start their own path, but don’t really have a vision. ‘Tell Your Friends’ Media decided to break out of the city’s boundaries and turned their media company into industry quality standards.

Owner and Brand Direction of Tyf Media Anthony Doffeck said the quality came with time.

“We’ve definitely put out some projects that aren’t the best,” Doffek said. “But we’ve always bounced back.”

Brett Schmidt. (Picture by Tyf Media)

He said to be successful, especially when creating a brand, is to not be afraid of failure.

“Now I know what to correct. We’ve learned from that [past projects], so that makes us one ahead,” he said.

Not everyone works well in a team, but Doffek said by knowing your role and accepting it, makes the entire operation work.

“Play the game the way it should be played,” he said.

Because once you know your role, or what you want to do, you can begin to create your own lane to success.

“Put yourself where there at,” Doffek said about how he’s able to work with more important clientele. Doffek says Tyf Media has worked with celebrities, such as rapper Quavo from the rap-trio Migos and singer Tory Lanez.

The team consists of Doffek, Tyf Media’s Lead Videographer, Brett Schmidt; Lifestyle & DayToday Photographer and Training Videographer, Cade Mcgown; Milwaukee Bucks Photographer and Event & Lifestyle Photographer, Julian Cedron; and Audio Engineering, Production and Graphic Designer, Francis "Vertical" Harpe.

Cade Mcgown. (Picture by Tyf Media)

It’s all about research, practice and professionalism for the Tyf Media team. Schmidt says the team likes to analyze popular videos. For example, they like to ask what makes a Kendrick Lamar music video so popular? What effects were used? What angles were the most interesting? Why do people engage with this video? By asking these questions and then finding the answers helps push Tyf Media further into the industry lane.

Personally, Schmidt says his quality comes from “never being happy and feeling like shit” about his work.

He continued: [I’m trying] to make quality stuff with new age effects,” he said. “I want to make stuff that blows my own mind.”

Julian Cedron. (Picture by Tyf Media)

Everyone a part of Tyf Media is a college dropout because they decided to chase their dreams, said Schmidt. Instead of spending money on learning how to do what they already knew, they spent their time and money actually making videos. Five months was the longest one of the members stayed in school before going all in with his career.

“This is a young person’s game,” Doffek said about one of the reasons why the team goes so hard. He also added that it’s “just in his DNA” to go hard for what he wants.

When filming a music video, or any visual, it’s more than just the actual shooting aspect. Schmidt compares Tyf Media’s thought process to the filmmakers of Transformers because “they plan shot by shot.” Every detail is examined and thought about to complete their specific vision for that video or visual. The goal is to get and stay in front of the current wave and to eventually be the wave starters, he said.

Francis Harper. (Picture by Tyf Media)

Tyf Media has the drive and talent, which equals success, said Doffek. He said the question is not “if” Tyf Media will make it, it’s all about “when” is it going to happen?

Tyf Media has been underground working with big brands and celebrities, but now they’re ready to open up to the public. And although the team may seem to have it all, Doffek said their current success comes from years of building relationships. Not everyone is working on a major scale, but Tyf Media is looking through a global lense.

“We’re exactly what they want,” Doffek said.

The social medias to the Tyf Media crew can be found below:

  • Anthony Doffek @antfrom414_

  • Brett Schmidt  @b_schmi 

  • Cade Mcgown @cik15_

  • Julian Cedron @prizedup

  • Francis "Vertical" Harper @Fr_ncis

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