Ish takin' over for the 414

Ish takin' over for the 414

Milwaukee's very own IshDARR has been blessing the city and the rap game for the last few years. What started off as something he did for fun turned him into a star. 

"This shit not no motherfuckin' joke."

IshDARR, local rapper EMAAD and another one of their friends used to sit on 3-way calls freestyling to each other in the sixth grade. Never thinking that one day IshDARR would be headlining Summerfest's Briggs and Stratton stage on July 4th--over a month before his 21st birthday.

He's making moves no one in Milwaukee thought could be possible. 

2015 was the year that changed every thing for this young spirited rapper. IshDARR and his manager Enrique "Mag" Rodriguez recorded the entire project 'Old Soul Young Spirit' in a basement. IshDarr remembers recording 'Too Bad' and "not thinking nothing of it." He knew it was a good song, but he didn't know it would put him on the map. 

The song instantly became a hit and once IshDARR and Mag seen that they began to push the track even more. 

From that point on, IshDARR became a business. He met every recording label out there and he turned them all down.  He figured if he could get this far without them, he could go even further if he kept pushing his stuff organically.

"Ultimately it's about the music."

Two years later and IshDARR is still poppin'.

Going back to sixth grade, IshDARR's friends inspired him to take his music seriously. They saw the potential in him that he didn't know was there at first. He finally bought himself a journal and began to write things down as a personal hobby, now it's his way of life. Everything seems to start in a basement for IshDARR--he started writing his raps in his pop's basement. 

The love IshDARR receives from Milwaukee is unbelievable even for him. Him and his friends had no real plans until one day he decided to start grinding and things have been all the way up since then.

Milwaukee loves IshDARR and IshDARR damn sure loves Milwaukee. He can be seen anywhere around the world throwing up "4" because he knows he wouldn't be who he is if it wasn't for the 414. 

"This my fucking home," said IshDARR. "I want people to know when I walk in a room that boy from Milwaukee."

He doesn't like the fact that most labels don't even know who Coo Coo Cal is. He's one of Milwaukee's first famous rappers, but he fell off, so IshDARR is putting Milwaukee back on the map. 

2017 has been a roller coaster for this rising star. 

IshDARR is no longer just a rapper and never did he plan on staying just a rapper. While attending Messmer High School, he acted all four years--playing in school plays. Once music took over he left his acting in his past, but his dad told him "I'm trying to see you on Broadway," so IshDARR had secretly been looking for acting jobs. 

He was offered a spot on a reality TV show, but he knows his potential is more than something so mediocre. Not long after that he was contacted about a real role, a movie role with Matthew McConaughey in 'White Boy Rick.'

So far, this movie has been IshDARR's favorite experience.

"That was the hardest, funnest shit."

He watched and listened to the other actors and followed what they did, until he found his own way. 

Now what's next?

IshDARR is soley focused on his music and waiting for the release of his movie, which drops January 26, 2018. 

If you haven't seen IshDARR in concert yet then you're lucky because he's doing a tour this fall--dates coming soon.

Although, IshDARR's fame came from his music, he has plans to do so much more. He's into fashion and might go down that route evenutally sometime in his life.

IshDARR's plans to make a way to give opportunities to the youth and change the senseless violence in Milwaukee. He sees the potential his city has, he's just waiting for the city itself to see it too. 

This 'Too Bad' rapper has plans of taking over the world and it all starts with his voice. 

"I wanna do everything I know I'm capable of."

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