90s R&B is Back

At what age did you find your passion? Did you always know or did it come to you in a dream? Whenever it came to you, did you stick to it? How close are you to your dreams or did you give up? 

Corey Gipson (Henny C.) knew from a very young age what he was meant to do. Although, he's not there yet, he knows there's no other option but to fight for his dreams. His dreams of being a big-time producer started at the age of 12, and now that he's 22, Corey can't see himself doing anything else.

"I know it's going to take me somewhere," Corey said. "It's do or die."

Producing wasn't always Corey's only dream--football once meant more to him than music. He played football in Iowa in 2013 at Dubuque, and as he was playing football he was also producing. Corey noticed everyone around campus enjoyed rapping, and he saw that as a way to make cash. Now that he's older and has found a deeper love for music and producing, it's not all about the money for him anymore. 

Corey's wardrobe and music seem to be stuck in a time machine, set to the 90s era. He wants to bring back the 90s, especially the music, because "they [90's artist] sung from the soul." 

He grew up listening to Tupac, who is now his favorite rapper, and he loves the message and vibe Tupac's music had. Corey has sampled Tupac, but his favorite track he's sampled is Mary J. Blige's "My Life." He always thought she was dope and he loved the song, so it only made sense to sample it.

"R&B is dead."

With Corey around, R&B is sure to come back to life with his smooth beats

Let's not forget Corey is a student as well. He attends University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for communications, but he's honestly just in school to please his mother. Corey has been looking for jobs within his field that deal with music so his degree doesn't go to waste. 

Corey was taught growing up that "you never sing from your throat, you sing from your gut," but now people don't do that. He feels it's his duty to make beats that will make people sing from their gut again.

"R&B today is watered down."

The use of auto-tune leaves Corey dissatisfied with today's music. This is not what he grew up listening to, and he wants to make a difference. 

Corey doesn't believe his vision comes from himself but from someone bigger than him.

"I always try to pray before I make a beat," Corey said. "I feel like its God that comes to me with ideas."

After leaving Iowa to come back home to finish school, Corey found comfort in God. He's not the one to tell someone to believe in his God but he does think "people should believe in something."

If you want to get in the mood, and wanna do more than just Netflix and Chill, put on some Henny C.

"People feel me," he said. "That's why I call myself that."