A Heart Made to Give

A family man before anything else. Aaron Perry is a devoted father and an alderman in Waukesha. 

He's been interested in politics and government, so when the opportunity became available he went for it. Aaron has been an alderman for four years and "it's been a little bit of a roller coaster."

His father was a radio DJ, so wherever the job took his father, Aaron and his family went there. Aaron moved 26 times but his story's a little different. He was able to make more friends because of the constant moving. He's lived in New Mexico, Minnesota, Colorado, and his hometown of Missouri. 

Aaron appreciates being able to experience a mixture of cultures. Now that he's older, staying in one place isn't so bad. Plus moving his three children around from place to place isn't something he wants to do.

The kids are close in age--five, four and two, but Aaron wouldn't have it any other way. He loves his job but nothing compares to the love he has for his family. 

At 18 months, his middle child was diagnosed with Autism. 

"We went from zero to 60 quick."

Last September, Aaron became a stay-at-home-dad, but he technically still has a job. He actually found out his son had Autism during his 2014 State Assembly Campaign. This was a rough time for his family but he realized what was important.

"I've never been that mentally consumed."

Aaron thanks his wife for the endless work she put into researching Autism, and for always being prepared for the worse. His son has benefited from having supportive and caring parents.

"He's went from nonverbal to verbal," Aaron said. "Which is great."

Aaron is interested in local law and policy ordinance because "it actually affects the people."

"[I'm] the most active alderman Waukesha's ever seen."

He says this because of the role of social media. It's important to him to build relationships with the locals, and social media has been a handy tool for Aaron. 

Before getting into this big position, Aaron was a general manager and assistant manager for two golf businesses. He was also in marketing for the businesses which brought him to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where he become their sales account manager. 

So, yes it has been a roller coaster for Aaron but he's enjoyed every loop, twist and drop life's given him. 

"I'm an advocate for local control."

Aaron will continuing being an advocate for his community, while learning more about Autism.