All About the Visuals

All About the Visuals

He has a voice, a vision and a dream. LaVaughn Hood (Von Alexander) is THE visual rapper.

LaVaughn sees “music for more than just sound” because you can have great music, but if the visual sucks then what do you really have?

“The visual has to present a certain mood.”

He wasn’t allowed to listen to hip-hop growing up, so whatever played on the radio is what LaVaughn listened to—Ludacris and Nelly were some of his favorites as a child.

5th grade was the year LaVaughn decided being a rapper was in his future.

But 6th grade was the year of change. He became picky with his clothing which is still true in his current adult years. LaVaughn must not only like the look of the clothing, but the feel of the fabric as well. He usually only shops online because he hates everything he sees in the stores.

He’s always been a fan of Pharrell Williams because he “made it cool to be weird” and LaVaughn was considered that weird kid.

“I was the dope weird,” said LaVaughn. “I could mingle with everybody.”

LaVaughn wants to live that “free as possible life…the life people want to live but can’t.” And according to LaVaughn, rappers are the only ones who live how they truly want to.

His music shows a different perspective of him—the side he doesn’t showcase.

Since he's always writing and creating new music, it’s hard for him to pick his favorite. After a few moments of thinking and contemplating he named one song: Dreams ft. Meraki. This was the first song that was written in the perspective of him. He brought his personal life into the song, and now he does this to every song he creates.

LaVaughn built his confidence up at young age, so young that he had it set in his mind that he was going to be signed at 13.

One of his favorite cities to perform in is Chicago because “they really show love” and “they really care about music.”

At the young age of 23, LaVaughn hopes to one day travel the world off his music. He doesn’t see himself signing to a label because why would he? It’s been proven you can make it without a label, which is why he’ll continue being an independent artist.

He wants to live a free life and that can be hard to do when someone’s in control of your music.

“I was always myself.”

And LaVaughn will be LaVaughn wherever he goes. He plans on moving next year—at first he wanted to be a New Yorker, but now he craves the Cali life.

No matter where he goes, he’ll always be him: Von Alexander the Visual rapper.

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