A 'mini' hobby

A 'mini' hobby

I bet you've never heard of miniature photography...well now it's time to learn about it.

Miniature photography is making a scene out of miniature items, and Jefferson Soesetyo is pretty much a pro at it.

Jefferson started doing miniature photography at the end of 2015, and he's improved tremendously since then, according to him.

"After a year I find it quite an enjoyment."

He stumbled upon this hidden talent on accident. Jefferson was into dioramas which eventually led to him to wanting to build an architectural model, but it became an expensive and time consuming hobby so he stopped.

He saw miniature photography on Instagram and he thought it was a cool idea. With his miniature items he had from his architectural models, he started doing miniature photography.

"I want to send a positive message."

He writes a story for every scene he creates. 

Each morning he spends 20 to 30 minutes finding a theme for his next mini photography photo. It takes about seven to eight shots to capture the scene he creates. 

"I'm not expecting too much," Jefferson said. "I'm just doing this for fun on weekends."

Such a unique and creative talent, and he doesn't want anything in return for it. Jefferson enjoys brightening people's days with his photography. 

A 12-hour time difference from Milwaukee to Indonesia--Jefferson's talent is reaching the entire world. 

During the week, Jefferson is a consultant and he enjoys it. It's not so much the job but the people he encounters every day.

He graduated in 2000 and has been a consultant for 16 years.

When he first started doing miniature photography his friends were confused but now they're all for it.

Jefferson has been married for six and a half years, and his wife doesn't always like his hobby. He can get so wrapped up in creating a scene, he forgets about how much time he's actually spending on it. What feels like minutes to Jefferson may feel like hours to his wife, when's doing his miniature photography. No matter what she supports her husband.

He also has a daughter that he uses as a prop in his photos. Sometimes, Jefferson's wife fears their daughter will swallow one of the miniature pieces, but so far so good.

Although this is just a hobby for Jefferson, it might one day become a career for him. Either way, he does miniature photography to "inspire people to have a good day.

"Appreciate the thought process," Jefferson said. "To create it, it takes time and effort."

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