She's a Mystery

She's a Mystery

She gets it done no matter what. If she wants, then she gets it. If she needs it, then it’s hers. Elisha Scruggs-Rashaed (Lucci Rashaed) is independently taking over the model scene.

With $1,500 in her bank account, Elisha left everything and everyone she knew in Milwaukee and moved to New York for modeling. She saved up every pay check she could to be able to chase her dreams, in her dream city. Without the financial support from her family, the move was extremely hard for Elisha. She knew what she wanted, so she went for it.

“Only people with a passion can relate.”

Elisha bought her plane ticket before she had a place to stay. It just so happens Elisha was contacted by a man offering his home to her. This was her first offer and she took it without thinking twice. Looking back, Elisha thinks maybe she should have thought twice before taking the first offer. But in the end, she knew what was best for her.

“Everyone respects the brave, no one honors the timid.”

She’s always wanted to be a model, but her dreams were soon shot down in middle school. Those around Elisha told her she would never make it as a model and she wasn’t beautiful enough. Elisha’s confidence was affected by this, but through the years she was able to build it back up.

Elisha wants to be perfect at what she loves to do. She’s always practicing and researching on and off the computer.

A stranger taking a walk through the park is inspiration to Elisha. She studies people’s natural walks, which in return helps her better her runway walks.

“I can pull inspiration from anything,” said Elisha. “I’m always on, vogue, make-up artist, anyone censored around fashion."

Elisha’s three parents: Larena Scruggs, Mohammed Rashaed and Michelle Rashaed all helped mold Elisha into a woman who can take over New York one photo shoot at a time.

People aren’t sure how Elisha is accomplishing the things she is. She was able to move to New York, travel to Europe and travel back and forth from Milwaukee to New York when needed.

This mystery model was able to survive for four months without a job when she first moved to New York.

How she does it…no one will ever know.

“Life is supposed to be abundance.”

She doesn’t see herself just being a model. Eventually, Elisha wants to come back to her hometown of Milwaukee and give back. She’s not sure exactly what she’ll do, but it’ll revolve around health and education.

Before New York, Elisha had been attending Marquette University studying social welfare and justice. Although she was studying something she cared about, it wasn’t making her happy.

Modeling is what fills Elisha’s heart with joy.

“The more confident I become, it can be seen in the development of my pictures.”

Elisha has been modeling professionally since 2016, but she originally started in 2015. When she cut off the relaxer from her hair she realized how beautiful she naturally was. The beauty she found that day turned into the confidence she now walks with every day.

She’s in control.

Elisha was able to pick out her own outfits, props, photographer and makeup artist to create her favorite photoshoot, so far. She had brought a tan athletic wrap and wrapped it around her head. Everyone in the room looked at her crazy and questioned her actions, but she knew what she was doing.

“I trusted myself and it turned out to be a beautiful project.”

Milwaukee is where she was born, but New York is where she’s meant to be.

Elisha is already an inspiration to her city. Frequently Elisha gives out advice to inspiring models. She’s always down to help others because she used to be in their shoes.

She wants people to look at her and ponder on how she’s able to keep going. Seems like Elisha knows how to use her black girl magic.

“I want them to say, ‘I wonder what she’s going to do next?’”

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