Anchor Dreams

Anchor Dreams

Not many people have the voice, but Jordan Gasiorowski is one of those few who have the voice—the voice for broadcast. As a past intern at WISN 12, Jordan got the chance to live out his dream of being on broadcast news. But, in the world of journalism, you never know where you’re going to go. Jordan now works at newsradio 620 WTMJ as a producer for the Steve Scaffidi Show.

Jordan Gasiorowski and The Steve Scaffidi Show. (Picture provided by Jordan Gasiorowski)

The Steve Scaffidi Show is a conservative one, and one of Jordan’s duties is to take phone calls during the show. Not all calls are positive because the audience doesn’t always like what Steve has to say. According to Jordan, some callers are hysterical and try to take their anger out on him. When he first started, he wasn’t used to the hostility he was receiving, but now Jordan has his professional ear ready for anything.

“That’s all a part of the business especially being a producer,” he said. “You have to be professional in this business because that’s our listening audience.” Plus, the show encourages people who disagree to call in.

He’s also in charge of picking “bumper” music—a bumper is usually under 15 seconds and it may contain a voice over. It’s used for the pause between the program and the commercial breaks. Jordan says he tries to get the younger generation to tune in by playing certain types of music.

Jordan was only three months in when he received employee of the month. He was in charge of setting up interviews for the 50 nominations of first responders who had the potential of being honored for their services. Only five people won, and because of Jordan’s hard work throughout the entire process, WTMJ showed their gratitude.

“I am glad I’m able to start my career here,” he said. “There were so many points I thought I would never get a job.”

Jordan credits so much to three UWM professors: Jane Hampden Daley, Jessica McBride, and Jessie Garcia. He also stated that Garcia played a major part in helping him he get his producer job, which he will forever be thankful for.

Since working at WTMJ, Jordan has come to realize that journalism is a team effort. Everyday someone relies on someone else to get the job done, he said.

He loves his job, and according to him, it’s laidback, enjoyable and not too pushy.

And, he may be a newsradio producer now, but Jordan’s still working towards that news anchor spot. Jordan plans on spending at least five years at WTMJ before moving on. He hopes to be a news anchor in the Chicago market.

Jordan Gasiorowski at the radio station WTMJ where he works. (Picture by Jordan Gasiorowski)

“I just love what they have to offer.”

He doesn’t just want to be any news anchor, but a sport orientated one. Jordan’s been into sports for as long as he can remember, and being able to share his opinions about it, and have people listen to him, is THE dream.

“I gotta keep my dreams out there.”

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