Anything's Possible with Lauren

Raven-Symoné has always been Lauren Kae's role model because "her weight never mattered" and "she was able to reach a lot of people."

Lauren has been modeling since 14, but acting is her number one dream.

She's been in plays around the city and she's modeled in five shows for New York Fashion Week in 2015.

Lauren attended a rooftop fashion show in Chicago and that's when she was asked to do the fashion show in New York. Lauren hopes to be back in New York for the fashion show again this year. 

Lauren's shinning in modeling, but she would rather be acting on the big screen.

"You can only do so much with modeling."

Lauren is using modeling as a tool to get her noticed.

"I hope to grab young girl's attention."

Lauren would like to provide young girls, especially girls of color, with the resources they need to make it as an actress or model, or both. 

Lauren picked up two jobs and put acting on the side because she needed to "better" herself. Now she's back and ready to fight.

Texas will be Lauren's new place of living within the next three years. She eventually plans on starting a family and Texas is a big family place, according to her.

Lauren has been asked to move there a few times, for potential jobs, but the time just isn't right yet, she said. 

"I feel like 24 is a good time."

Lauren has a big modeling portfolio, but everyday she's working on being an actress.

She wrote a letter to the Steve Harvey Show expressing her admiration for Steve Harvey. Lauren loves the power that he gives off and what he stands for. They loved her letter and invited Lauren and her mother to the show. After visiting once, Lauren was immediately contacted to come back. 

She got the chance to met and talk with Steve Harvey. 

"I have no idea why they wanted me to come back."

Some people may find it weird but Lauren feels "really connected with a 60-year-old man." His success is something Lauren's aiming for. 

Lauren would love to star in an action film as the hero of the movie. There aren't many black actresses who get to play superheroes and Lauren plans on doing something about it. 

Her mother Karen is Lauren's biggest supporter. Lauren was actually surprised her mother supported her acting dreams because of how realistic Karen is. 

Karen asked Lauren one day, "it has to be done, so why can't you do it?" That question still sticks with Lauren, and ever since that day she's been going hard for her dreams.

It may seem like modeling is where she's heading, but Lauren knows what she wants.

No one can stop her from being an actress but herself, and she's believes in herself way too much to stop. 

"With any passion you have to give dedication," and Lauren is dedicated.