Coaching with a Passion

Coaching with a Passion

It's his seventh season as the head coach at Destiny High School, but he's been in the coaching game for 12 years. Branden Joseph has been coaching since he graduated from Central State University and he hasn't looked back. He majored in sociology and minored in criminal justice. 

"It's challenging" and "rewarding," which is why Branden continues to better himself as an individual and coach.

In his younger days, Branden was a part of a Milwaukee organization: Running Rebels, and through that organization he gained mentors. Because of his connections with the organization he recevied a job right out of college, and that was the start of his coaching career. 

Growing up he wanted to be a basketball player, but not all dreams come true. After that dream, he wanted to be a police officer.

"I felt like I can make a difference."

And a difference is what he's making. He's not only a coach to his players, but, also a leader, a mentor and a role model.

"They don't get the opportunity to be listened to," so Branden makes sure he listens to his players and helps them in anyway he can.

One of his mentors was the athletic director at Destiny, and his mentor asked Branden if he "was ready for the challenge?" Branden was nervous at first, but he took the job anyway. He spent five years coaching with others and then he was given his own program.  

Branden thanks his mentors, family and friends for their support throughout his journey of coaching and life.

"Don't forget where you come from."

Branden wants to eventually change the stereotype of Milwaukee--he wants more collaborations between organizations, schools and churches. 

He's teaching his players how to be productive members of society, so maybe one day they'll help change their community. 

Branden believes support and leaning on each other will push for a change in Milwaukee. 

He's been married for nine years and he considers his wife "the backbone" of his coaching career.

"She's been right there encouraging me," said Branden. "Making sure our family stays together."

He has two kids of his own: two and six years old, but he considers his players family as well. 

Branden doesn't see himself staying in Milwaukee forever, but while he is here, Branden's going to do his best to make a difference. He's building a legacy that his kids will one day be proud of.

He was born and raised in Milwaukee, and the way he's heading, Branden's sure to turn Milwaukee around for the better.

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