Come Shop with Suited Boutique...It's Black Owned

Come Shop with Suited Boutique...It's Black Owned

Sometimes success is right at the door, but we can be the one’s stopping ourselves from reaching for the doorknob and walking through. We get trapped in our thoughts and begin to doubt our abilities. Deadra Bennett was able to face herself and break out of her head to become a thriving business owner.

Deadra started in retail at the age of 15, but even way back then she knew what she wanted out of life. She wanted her own boutique and just two years ago, Deadra made it happen by establishing Suited Boutique.

Suited Boutique is currently only available online with a variety of options for women. According to Deadra, she picked the name “suited” to show that her boutique is catered to you. For example, Deadra had a customer who wanted a specific piece of clothing that Suited Boutique didn’t carry. She didn’t want to leave her customer empty handed, so she went searching for the item, and eventually was able to make her customer’s day.

Deadra takes pride in knowing that she provides the city with different and unique clothing. Google can be considered Deadra’s best friend because she’s constantly researching different topics and clothing to make sure Suited Boutique isn’t missing out in anyway.

She also does a lot of networking with other business owners, specifically successful ones who are in her field. She even met with a business advisor to figure out how to eventually expand her business.

Deadra plans on having a physical location for Suited Boutique right here in the city. She’s also thinking about the Chicago area but doesn’t know the market well enough, so she’s doing her research.

L.A. is next up on her list to visit. She plans on making connections out there and finding some new clothing pieces to add to Suited Boutique.

For Deadra, “to be confident in what you like,” is how she’s able to make her brand stand out.

She then stated that she has tunnel vision—nothing or noone will stop Deadra.

“Don’t be deterred if someone is doing something similar to you,” she said to those who are afraid to take that chance.

There will always be people doing what you want to do, but that doesn’t mean you stop what you’re doing. Deadra said she’s always using the production of bread as an example. There are endless amounts of options for bread, but yet there are people who are constantly entering into the field.

It’s all about finding your own path and staying true to it.

Deadra came up with an innovative idea—every Wednesday, she does a Facebook live where she tries on clothes from her boutique. The purpose is to show her customers and potential clientele how to style the clothes they buy from Suited Boutique. And to actually show how the clothing fits on someone.

She found her passion and created a lane for herself to achieve what she wants.

“It’s okay to not fit in,” Deadra said. “Be yourself and embrace what’s unique about yourself. Live in your purpose [and] don’t let people talk down on you because you’re chasing what you want.”

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