Comedic Relationship Goals

Comedic Relationship Goals

The power couple of the century. Jasmine Newson (Jazzidakid) and Hakim Collins are relationship goals.

They started off their careers individually, but began to build an empire together. Two peas in a pod, Jasmine and Hakim are the perfect comedic couple.

“She’s my best friend, it’s not just a relationship,” said Hakim.

They met at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2014. Hakim was a freshman while Jasmine was a sophomore. Somehow they ended up attaining the same friend group, so they were always around each other. One night, Hakim had been standing all alone and Jasmine thought it would be a good idea to invite him to a Whitewater party.

“I just needed extra cash for gas,” said Jasmine.

Hakim thought it was a great idea. He went upstairs to change and Jasmine did the same. Once Jasmine had finished getting ready, Hakim took one look at her and thought, “Wow! Who is this girl?”

Those two plus a few of their other friends drove up to Whitewater and enjoyed themselves. A day or two later after the party, the two found themselves talking about their lives with each other. From that point on they’ve been down for each other.

“He’s a male version of me,” said Jasmine.

About two years ago is when they made their first comedic video together. It was something new for both of them because they had already been making videos separately for so long.

It was easy for them to connect because they have the same life goals: putting God first, being successful entertainers, being family orientated and taking care of others.

They knew right away they would be good together; comically and life wise.

“It just made sense,” said Hakim.

Jasmine began acting at the age of nine because she was motivated by the television.

“I had a warm feeling about entertaining,” said Jasmine.

She considers herself a “jack of all trades” because she can do it all: music, dancing, comedy and acting. She used to be heavily involved with music, which is where she got her name from: Jazzidakid. Jasmine looked up to BC Da Kid and thought “da kid” went well with her name also.

Her mother Salina Jones and her three siblings have always had her back.

Hakim started acting in middle school also at the age of nine, but he didn’t get into comedy and improv until high school. He was inspired by Disney Channel; it would always upset him that he wasn’t on the show. He knew he could be like those actors on TV, but even better.

He too had a great support system from his family. His mother, Pam Abernathy, along with his other family members came to all of his plays and auditions. Pam made sure her son could follow his dream by paying for his acting school and providing equipment when needed.

“She’s definitely my backbone,” said Hakim.

These two together have been changing the comedic world for the better. Last year in October they released a series of a comedic film called Purge: Killwuakee. It’s a comedic/scary remake of the purge, but this time it’s the Milwaukee edition.

It’s their biggest project they’ve done and they’re ready to do more. The entire project was filmed off an IPhone; by just looking at the video one would never know. It was all improv just like that rest of their work.

They stand out because they don’t have to try too hard. When you see a video of them, it’s truly who they are in real life.

They’re not just about themselves; they want to put other people on too. When they come up with an idea they hit up their inspiring friends first. If their friends can’t fit the role, then they reach out on social media.

“Let’s get their names out their too,” said Jasmine.

It’s not all about comedy when it comes to these two. They truly love and care for each other…soon they’ll be adding a special addition to their family. Jasmine and Hakim will be having a baby girl in a few months and they couldn’t be happier.

“He told me I might possibly be pregnant,” said Jasmine. “I was scared at first.”

“I was ready,” said Hakim.

Their friends and family are very supportive. Their baby girl will just be another addition to the squad.

With their new addition on the way, they’re ready to change up their comedic videos. Once she arrives, Jasmine and Hakim will make their videos more family orientated.

Hakim remembers the first time he told Jasmine he loved her. They were in the West Towers of Sandburg on the 7th floor sitting across from each other. They had been doing homework when Hakim looked up and started starring at Jasmine. She never once looked up at him, but at that moment he knew he loved her.

Because of his past it was hard for him to give away himself like that and say, “I love you.” Hakim swallowed his pride and suddenly said those three magical words. Jasmine looked up in shock and it took her a moment to say it, but she did. Little did Hakim know, she had fell in love with him a few weeks before.

From comedy to family, these two our relationship goals.

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