Creating Everyday, All Day

Creating Everyday, All Day

Carsyn Taylor was born with the urge to create. As a kid she was always coloring. She loved drawing herself as a princess that was a ninja warrior. Her imagination is incomparable and it shows in her work.

With her mind creating things no one could think of, Carsyn became a visual artist.

She's using this year to make new visuals and better herself as an individual. 

She loves Milwaukee and she doesn't ever want to fully leave. If she does move, she'll be constantly visiting Milwaukee so it's like she'll be living in two places at all depends on the opportunities that she comes across. 

Carsyn has always been different from her family--she's the creative one out the brunch. She lived on the north side of Milwaukee for most of her life, so when she moved to east side it was a culture shock. 

That culture shock turned into a new home for Carsyn. She no longer lives on the east side but she is the co-owner of CopyWrite Magazine. 

With this magazine, Carsyn is "making a new voice for the city." CopyWrite Magazine gives Milwaukee's urban community the spotlight they deserve. It's about showing a different side of Milwaukee and Carsyn's visuals is doing that in many ways.

Carsyn makes all of the visuals for CopyWrite Magazine. She met her partner-in-crime in school. Alexia came up with the idea for the magazine, but to make it stand out, she needed Carsyn's visuals. She created the logo and branding for the magazine and according to Carsyn, "it turned out really good."

She graduated from MIAD in 2014 with a BA in communication design. She doesn't have a favorite visual she's done, but her most amazing and proudest achievement is CopyWrite Magazine. With this magazine, Carsyn can continue to create visuals and spread her talent around the city.

Carsyn met Alexia through a mutual friend and they've been inseparable ever since. They live together an apartment in Walker's Point. Best friends and business partners for life--CopyWrite Magazine is their baby.

"We have a lot to accomplish."

She's satisfied with how well the magazine is doing, but she imagines more. Most of their readers come from outside of the country. They've had readers from New Zealand, India, Italy, the UK and Brazil. 

Art is Carsyn's life. She takes tremendous pride in her work because she puts her heart into every piece she creates. 

Carsyn works with a variety of clients and they all love her work. 

"It always makes me feel good."

It starts with a client reaching out to her, they have a conversation, Carsyn makes a hundred designs, chooses the best five or so, and then shows her client. It's a big process but she enjoys doing the process over and over again. 

Carsyn knows she can "always continue to learn and grow," so she'll continue bettering her craft.

Being a creative means you don't like to fit into society's box. Carsyn knew that she was a creative at a young age, but that's all she knew when it came to what she wanted to do in life.

"Sometimes your path isn't what you think it's going to be."

Carsyn's creativity led her to be a business owner and she couldn't be more happy with where her life is heading from this point on. 

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