Creating the Perfect Aesthetic

Creating the Perfect Aesthetic



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Let's Talk Design


She's a walk of sunshine when she comes into a room. Her beauty captures the eye, but it's her hard work that keeps her in the spotlight. Kourtney Stevens went from owning a boutique store to redesigning residential and small company's spaces, and let me tell how.

For about two years, Kourtney owned a high-end denim boutique in the Third Ward, but she got bored quickly because she's a creative. Unintentionally, Kourtney impressed her customers the most from the aesthetic she created while designing her boutique.

"I just thought everyone did that," she said about the way she designed her business.

After so many comments, she decided to close up shop, create a catchy name for her new business, which has now been around for six years, and start on a new path.

She got her first client through her new design business Let's Talk Design from a friend, and since then, it's been a journey Kourtney is happy to take the course of.

"I love the thrill of the ups and downs."

She went back to school to attain a degree in architecture and interior design to learn the fundamentals. Kourtney said school didn't teach her how to design, but it taught her the business side that has helped her grow her business into something she's proud and never bored of.

Aside from school, Kourtney became immersed in the design world—she began researching and "tightening" up her business by creating contracts, developing people skills and changing the way she did her consultations. 

Now, she has a consultation almost every day. When someone wants Let's Talk Design's business, Kourtney schedules an appointment (consultation) with them to figure out their needs and wants. She asks her potential client what will the space be used utilized for because a barbershop feels and looks different from a family room. The budget is also discussed during the meeting, but no matter what the client has to offer financially, Kourtney believes everyone deserves a beautiful space.

"Design is a necessity."

Kourtney was a poor mother who felt she had to sacrifice between designing and taking care of her children. Once she found a way to manage, she began using her skills of designing to help those who didn't think redesigning a space was possible. 

Some of you may be thinking 'it's just redesigning," but what you see affects your thought process, your mood and overall you.

"A redesign or refresh allows us to turn an old place into something new."

Imagine your bedroom. How motivated are you while in that space? But, what if it was redesigned to make you more productive by adding a work desk, changing the lighting and the overall color of the room to a color that influences work ethic. Then, would you be motivated? Most people would say yes.

So, design does matter.

"I want them [my clients] to feel like they deserve to have what I have to offer," she said about people skeptical about contacting her because of price. "People are deserving to have a beautiful functioning space."

As a mother, giving up is never an option for Kourtney. 

"I have so many things feeding into my drive," she said. "It's not just a passion, it's my dream."

According to Kourtney, the difference between a passion and a dream is simple. A passion is for the moment and it's not something that's sought after on a daily basis. It's something you can live without, but a dream is something you live and breathe. 

Kourtney didn't know her adult dream started in her childhood until she reflected on how she got to where she is today. In her younger days, she wanted to be a veterinarian, but that "dream" soon faded away. But, during those times, Kourtney noticed she frequently cleaned the house and redesigned the living room. Years later, and that talent of redesigning has taken her into pure bliss.

Even though she took a chance on herself, throughout the process, she downplayed her talents. Her humbleness held her back because she let fear take over. But, her talent overcame that fear and now she's willing to walk into any room, with any client and give them her best work.

"Put yourself out there," she said. "Don't be afraid to be talented."

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