Creative Juices Flowin'

Creative Juices Flowin'

Isn't it lovely to see strong-minded talented women doing their thang?

Alexia Brunson (Lexi) has so many talents and passions that she's named herself a creative. 

An interior designer, a poet, a journalist and a business owner--Alexia can do it all. 

Alexia graduated from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) in 2014 with a BA in Fine Arts.

"I've always been artistic."

She took her degree and turned it into a career. She redesigns Fortune 500 Companies's offices, while doing freelance work on the side. 

"I'm all into the urban design."

Not many people would take the path of an interior designer, but Alexia is different. She doesn't need to take the "normal" route because she's her own person who knows what she wants.

Alexia has the power to bring energy into a room. The way she designs an office, room or building will affect how the employees and the business will function. Alexia has the eye to put a place together, and with her talents she can make any business look and feel amazing. 

As a poet, Alexia connects with words like no other. She released her first book at the age of 10. She was a shy person growing up and her words helped Alexia come out of her shell. 

"I have a lot of storytelling in my poetry."

Her passion for poetry led her to journalism. 

"It kind of just fell in my lap."

Alexia's words created something magical and something she can always be proud of: CopyWrite Magazine

"It means everything to me."

CopyWrite Magazine started off as a project for an English and Composition class in college. She put together a "real rough version" of the magazine and presented it at school. Her friend Carsyn Taylor was also attending MIAD for graphic design and Alexia knew Carsyn would be perfect for the project. They put their brains together and without knowing, they created something that would change their lives for the better.

"Our feedback from it was amazing."

Alexia interviewed a friend who had a fashion line, put some of her own poetry in it and interviewed a rapper. She noticed she knew so many talented people, but their stories weren't being told. With Alexia's writing skills and Carsyn's epic designs, plus all of the talented people they knew around Milwaukee, it only made sense to make this idea a real thing. 

CopyWrite Magazine started as an online publication, then they finally got their LLC, and CopyWrite Magazine was made into a hard copy magazine.

"We've redefined our brand."

Going from an idea that "looked horrible" to having a partnership with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, CopyWrite Magazine can only prosper from here.

"It's less about me and more about the community."

Milwaukee is truly home for Alexia. Most people work hard to move away, but Alexia sees the potential in the city, and she's here to help make it grow. She wants to change the poverty and segregation in the city. It's more than what people hear on TV or read in the media. Milwaukee is full of talent and Alexia is making sure the city gets its spotlight.

"I feel liberated here," said Alexia. "There is a way to make this city great."

Sometimes you gotta go broke before you can make it to the top. As of right now, Alexia isn't paying herself for the magazine, but that doesn't matter because she loves what she does. 

"It's okay to take risk," said Alexia. "If I can do it [than] anybody else can do it."

Somehow Alexia was able to blend all of her talents together and become a creative. 

"My life has really turned into this magazine."

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