Drive Em' Crazy with Talent

Drive Em' Crazy with Talent

Tajh Virgil has been rapping since the age of 14.

He first started singing in his church's choir. With his mother being a singer and his pops being a rapper, I guess you could say "it was in the blood."

Funny thing is: Tajh didn't start listening to hip-hop until around the same time he started rapping. He was forbidden to listen to anything other than church music. As he grew older, he found ways to listen to the music he wanted to.

"I like the rhythm of it [hip-hop].

Hip-hop was the 'gateway drug' into other genres for Tajh. His ears were fully opened and now he knew there's more to music than what's sung in church.

If Tajh had to pick his top five favorite genres it would go like this: 1. Hip-hop, 2. R&B, 3. Classical, 4. Pop, 5. Country.

Church is where it all started, but Tajh knows he has more to offer the world.

Tajh's favorite song he's done so far is 'Driving Me Crazy.'

"It was just a break through," Tajh said. "Everything just hit."

'Rain' was Tajh's first "emotional" track--it wasn't easy for him to show that side to his fans.

"I didn't know how to put my emotions into a song."

He was so used to doing hip-hop tracks that softening up became a challenge for Tajh. He's happy he kept going and finished the track because it's one of the most popular tracks on his mixtape "Building Blocks and Stepping Stones."

Tajh doesn't have a specific audience he's aiming for. He just wants people that are going through the same things as him to vibe to his music. 

Tajh doesn't consider himself just one thing so he calls himself a creator.

Inspired by Kanye West, Timberland, and Mike WiLL Made-It, Tajh creates his own beats and others. 

The number 14 must be a lucky one for Tajh because again at the age of 14 he learned how to make beats. His cousin Ant taught him the basics and now Tajh is perfecting it. 

Tajh wants to collaborate with Justin Bieber or make a beat for Drake, either way Tajh sees himself going places.

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