Goddess With A Lens

"When you get to be behind the camera it's fun," said Tia Hewett.

She started taking pictures of herself which lead to her finding her true beauty.

"My skin color is very beautiful."

She's always aimed to be natural, but in a way she never felt pretty. It took a lot of self-counseling and selfies for Tia to believe in her inner goddess. 

"My natural hair journey has been beautiful," said Tia. "I never knew I had naturally curly hair."

Tia's favorite time to take pictures is during the fall because of the colorful leaves.

A lawyer is what she wanted to be before photography, but after thinking it through, Tia was just in it for the money. Photography is what her heart desires.

Tia's constantly uploading pictures and connecting with other photographers. She wants the world to know she's here and that she's taking pictures so everyone can see her vision.

She likes to capture "the feeling in the moment," keep it, and then show the world so they can enjoy that moment too.

Tia knows what it feels like to lose someone special, which is why she continues to take pictures. Pictures can last forever.

She lost three friends within a few weeks: two died from a car crash and the other was shot to death. 

"Everything kind of went down hill from there," said Tia. "I had to find ways to distract myself."

Tia began reading more to escape the real world. Her favorite book is The Autobiography of Malcolm X because "he's always been a hero" to Tia.

She's still dealing with the pain, but she's learned how to live a happier life.

This fall, Tia will be enlisting in the Air Force and will be living in Texas. She wants to go back to school and this is Tia's only way to make it happen.

She attended UWM for a few semesters for business management, but she could no longer afford the tuition. Her family and friends are nervous about her decision, but they know how badly she wants a degree.

"I wanna be able to accomplish that moment."

UWM wasn't the school for her. Tia never felt at home or comfortable on campus, so the next school she attends, it will be somewhere she loves. 

Tia hopes to move back to Arizona in a few years. She used to live there with her parents, but then they moved to Milwaukee for job opportunities. She's went to visit three times and will continue to go back.

"I love the weather [and] I love the people out there."

While Tia's in Milwaukee, she's making the best out of it. Soon she'll be starting a photography project that will include 20 black men. The project is called "Black Boy Joy."

Tia wants to show a different side of the black man because the media only shows the negatives. 

With her lens, Tia wants to change the vision of her others in a positive way by "capturing moments and making people happy."