Have You Kicked It With Tyree Yet?

Have You Kicked It With Tyree Yet?

Tyree Pope and rapper Slowlife Tito. (Picture by Most Honorable Studios)

It’s no damn doubt that Tyree Pope has taken over the city with his camera lens. He can be found at every music show—no matter how big or small—supporting local artists. Tyree saw a need missing in the community and came through with “Kickin’ It With Tyree.” There’s not one show, channel or blog out that’s giving an actual face to Milwaukee and Oshkosh talents, specifically those involved in the music field like how Tyree is.

Tyree Pope can be found everywhere with his camera and stabilizer. (Picture by Most Honorable Studios)

With an extensive list of artists who’ve already graced Kickin’ It With Tyree—such as PaperStacks, Young Papi, Munch Lauren and others, he’s thankful for all of the support he’s received.

He wants to build a community within his show while giving a face to the arts.

“I want to help people do more,” Tyree said.

He continued: “I always see people say people aren’t helpful. I just want to help everybody.”

Tyree began deeply analyzing music at the age of nine. But it was at the age of eight when he experienced his first Jam 4 Peace. It was his first experience with live music and when he first fell for the music.

He expanded his music knowledge by mainly watching music documentaries.

Self-determination pushed Tyree to create his own path into music.

Tyree Pope and rapper Tyso Sprme. (Picture by Most Honorable Studios)

Everyone sees the wave the city is on and Tyree is helping push that wave into a successful tsunami.

Each interview is different for Tyree and each one leaves an impact on him.

“You get to know a lot more about [the artists] from the interview,” he said.

One thing Tyree has on others is that he’s his own boss. He creates his own hours and uses his gas to drive from Oshkosh to Milwaukee and back to shoot an interview someone, or to attend class at UW-Oshkosh—Tyree is there.

Tyree is an icon in the making with his creative thought. Milwaukee rapper Slowlife Tito said he wanted some “O.C. shit” for his interview with Tyree, so Tyree stepped out of the studio and into nature.

A bowl of cereal and real conversation was all that was needed for this interview to pop.

Soft spoken and the “weirdo” was all Tyree was seen as, he said, but he changed his image and showed the city the man he was destined to be.

“I don’t want to have to follow someone else’s criteria when I built my own,” he said.

Kickin’ It With Tyree is mentioned more than he would think, and the city is only itching for more.

A collage of Milwaukee rappers a part of Tyree Pope’s “Cyphr." (Pictures by Most Honorable Studios)

Tyree is also making moves in others ways with his camera work. Recently, he created “The Cypher” which features local artists spitting bars. Nothing like this exist in Milwaukee, but it’s needed, and the city is very appreciative.

Although Tyree’s current interviewees are mainly men, he said he has some amazing female artist and talents for these upcoming months.

Tyree Pope. (Picture by Justin Gordon)

Before each interview, Tyree likes to listen to the artists’ music because it “creates the vibe” of the interview. Tyree doesn’t feel right conducting an interview without doing his research—being prepared is a must for him.

Tyree learned his drive to execute ideas from the legend himself: Kobe Bryant. He watched interviews and highlight videos for over 10 years, gaining essential knowledge for himself.

With the year just starting, Tyree is ready to expand and give the city what they want, but in his own way.

“I have a lot of things I want to do,” he said. “We can create the opportunities we want to do. We just have to work together.”

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