Help the Next Generation

Four years in the game and it's become the best way for Taurean Miller (Slowlife Tito) to express himself.

"If I don't make music [then] I don't feel like myself."

Taurean changed his name five times, created and deleted multiple social accounts, and now he's found himself as an individual and as a rapper.  

Lil Wayne's 2006-2011 music shaped how Taurean saw himself as a a rapper. Wayne gave Taurean the mindset "make sure I kill everybody off on every verse." He's been featured on multiple blogs and performed in different states: GA, NC, NY and more. 

"I don't sound or act like a normal Milwaukee person."

His mother taught him to never fit into society's mold. 

Taurean's lyrics revolved around violence and drugs until he realized he was becoming a bad influence to the youth. Taurean didn't want people to listen to his music then go try drugs, and slowly kill their lives away. He changed the message of his music because he wants to inspire "a wave of people to change the world."

Taurean has lost friends to violence, and he doesn't want anyone to experience that pain, so he promotes change. 

"I'm trying to touch the world," he said. "I really want to push my message with my voice."

Taurean wants to own a 24-hour community center at the abandoned A.O. Smith Corporation building. The building has been empty for over thirty years and now Taurean is trying to put it to use. He's working on receiving a grant to get funding to start building the community center. He wants the youth to occupy their time off the streets and doing something productive throughout the day.

Taurean imagines basketball courts, tutors, a library, and multiple studios that will all be free to the youth. Students can come anytime of the day, but, only if they're on the honor roll. If they're not, then they have to leave the center by 10 p.m.

His friends support him the most...sometimes more than his family.

Taurean will be moving to Georgia with his cousin to live in a two-bedroom apartment. He believes there's better opportunities in Georgia, and he's ready for a new scenery.

Until the age of 17, Taurean wanted to be a dentist.

"Teeth are a hit or miss for me."

He gave that dream up once it got time to go to college--the high tuition and eight years in school didn't sound appealing to him. 

"I'd rather invest in myself first."

If his rapping career hasn't brought him some type of success by 25 then he's going back to school.

Taurean's striving to get to where he wants to be in life and he's bringing the youth with him.

"I want everybody to stay on track."