Hot, Damn!

She may take breaks in between, but she's never going to fully stop until she reaches it all. Richon Badger has been modeling off and on for five years. 

"It never felt like it was my purpose."

It wasn't until August of 2016 that Richon began to take modeling seriously. She had a random photoshoot and after seeing how the pictures turned out she knew "it's time."

"The photographer made me feel comfortable."

The shoot gave her modeling ego a boost and got her head pointing in the right direction to accomplishing her goals.

Sexy, beautiful, confident, a mother, and much more. Richon has a love for chemistry and with her modeling she can show young women they can be sexy and smart.

Richon sees being a pharmacist in her future.

"I love chemistry and that would give me a chance to not just be in a lab," Richon said.

She went to school for two years at LeMoyne-Owen College for chemistry, until she got pregnant. Her three-year-old daughter hasn't affected her dreams, she's only enhanced them.

"It (being pregnant) gave me a new perspective on life," she said. "It made me want to grind and pursue my dreams."

Richon went to Alverno in Milwaukee for a year and a half. Being a single mother may be hard sometimes, but Richon will do anything for her daughter.


A full-time model will soon be Richon's title and hopefully she'll be on America's Next Top Model (ANTM).

"That's a big leap for me, but I said I can do it."

Once Richon knows what she wants, she's going to fight for it as hard as she can. ANTM will give Richon that foot in the door that she needs.

"It's all eyes on me," said Richon. "I have to get into the mindset 'I gotta kill this photo shoot'."

Other than all of that, Paris is on her dream list because they "take modeling and fashion seriously." Well at least more serious than the U.S., said Richon.

Richon wants to create sanitary bags for young women. She also wants to give them sex education because "we always expect our young girls to know, but they don't."

Through everything Richon is and wants to be she's always original and authentic.

"Someone is counting on you to make it."