Humble as They Come

Humble as They Come

He sits there with a smile on his face stretching from ear to ear. His confidence can be seen from a mile away. His aurora pulls you in while his voice hypnotizes you. He makes sure everyone knows his name before they leave his presence: Troy Tyler.

“I’m singing everywhere. The shower, on my way to class, anywhere.”

Troy began singing at a young age in his church’s youth choir, but, at that time, he wasn’t thinking about making singing a career. It wasn’t until Troy reached the 5th grade at Valley View Elementary School that he knew he wanted to be a professional singer. For Troy’s school talent show, he performed Chris Brown’s “Run It,” which caused the females in the audience to go wild. It was at the very moment Troy decided, “I want to sing.”

It’s been a long time since that day and Troy can honestly say his skills have tremendously improved over the years.

“I give a 120% now.”

He never takes a break from music. Music is who he is and it will always be the one thing he can lean back on. During work, Troy tunes out of reality into the realm of the music world. He puts his headphones in, turns on an instrumental, and gets right to work.

Troy’s ready to take over 2017 with his team. He has his own graphic designer, photographer, videographer, editor and much more.

“It’s a lot easier for me to stay in my lane, said Troy. "I have people who I trust who can do for me.”

Around the age of ten Troy discovered he was adopted, but he was okay with that. His parents Anna and Stanley Tyler made sure he always felt loved, cared for and happy. He grew up being the only child and lucky enough for Troy, his parents support him and all of his dreams.

Stanley always makes sure Troy knows the negatives and positives of anything he does in life. Without Troy’s parents, he would not be the humble man he is today.

“I wanna be the R & B version of J. Cole with a Bruno Mars soul.”

Those are some big shoes to fill, but Troy knows he can do it. Troy wants to have meaningful content like his favorite rapper J. Cole. Rather than singing about bi*tches, money and cars, he’d rather sing a melody about a relationship. Motown and the Temptations inspired Troy as he was growing up, which is why he sings the type of music he does.

He even wrote a song “Street Life” that tells a story about a drug dealer. He discusses the drug dealer’s life up until he dies. He’s a storyteller like Slick Rick.

“It takes a lot to tell a whole story with a song.”

Nothing else matters once Troy starts to sing. All of his problems attach onto his vocal cords and exit out once he releases a note. Through his music he wants to spread a message of positivity, while spreading knowledge to his people.

“When I get on stage and do what I love doing, it makes it all worth it.”

Troy is down for taking risk and putting himself out there. He auditioned for the Los Angeles America’s Got Talent spot and he made it pass the first round. Troy wasn’t able to make it to the New York audition, but that’s okay. He’s proud he made it that far, plus they’ll be more opportunities.

 “I want to give people a different perspective.”

In this day and age, Troy sees how quickly people are willing to sell themselves out for fame and money. He hopes to stay humble and never forget the ones who’ve always been there for him. If he was to ever meet J. Cole, he would ask him how does he stay so humble?

“I don’t feel the need to change to fit into a certain category.”

Troy has developed his voice into something he is proud of. His voice is stronger, his content is deeper and he’s still the same outgoing person he’s been for years.

He's always down to kick it and relax, but he doesn’t need alcohol or drugs to have a good time. As long as he’s surrounded by good people, he’s good.

While working on his music career, Troy attends University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a major in Theatre. He wants to have his foot in everything: Broadway, TV, movies, hosting, etc. Troy wants to be as productive and into everything like Tyrese. To Troy, Tyrese is relevant, a great singer, actor and other things, and Troy definitely sees himself being that way as well.

“It makes your career timeless.”

By the end of this year, Troy plans on having a bigger presence in the music industry. With his mash-up videos, his personality, his hard work, and his social media skills he knows this is all possible. Troy also plans on being more professional and stepping his wardrobe up a notch. He wants to dress like Jidenna when going out, but like Fabolous for everyday outfits.

Aside from the music, Troy wants to give back. He plans on starting an agency for orphans to help them earn money. He wants to open a line of healthy grocery stores because he’s tired of only seeing liquor stores and gas stations in the hood. He will then give those grocery jobs to the orphans and those around the hood.

“Kids need advantages to make money to chase their dreams.”

He even wants to open small studios for the youth. After they come from school and show a progress report, then they’ll be able to use Troy’s studios for free. Them doing well in school is more than enough pay for Troy.

He’ll never forget when he started college. Coming from Menomonee Falls, Troy was always the bigger black guy and never seemed to have problems with other races. When he came to college, he was shocked and confused because a white student called him a n*gga. He went to his dad Stanley and his dad told him that’s life. Stanley always told his son about the negatives and positives in life, and Troy just got hit with a negative moment. He could have a hit the young man, but, instead, Troy moved passed it and grew as a person. He knows one day he’ll be able to look back, laugh and say

“I’m an educated, wealthy n*gga and I’ll kill you with my intelligence.”

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