Justin Gordon: The Man Behind CNS' Graphics

Justin Gordon: The Man Behind CNS' Graphics

Los Angeles invasion—a monument to the Milwaukee Bucks. (Picture by Justin Gordon)

Using the excuse that you don’t know something is no longer acceptable. Youtube University is free and accessible to anyone, but it’s up to each individual to take on the task of self teaching. Justin Gordon decided to put all his excuses to the side and taught himself how to be a better graphic design.

He first got involved with graphic designing back in 7th grade, but now that he’s older, and is more involved with the creative world, his imagination has expanded.

“At one point, I felt like I lacked creativity,” he said. “I wanted to be like the next person.”

Justin’s love for photography made him realize that he needed something to make him stand out, so he picked graphic design back up. He knew that his photography was catching the eye of those around him, but he knew he could catch a thousand more eyes if he mixed real life with illusions.

“I concluded that I’m the type of person who really likes abstract things.”

He’s not just a photographer or graphic designer, but a visionary. Any visual idea that comes his way it seems as if he can bring it to life, as long as you give him a few hours to do his thing.

According to Justin, he’s a photographer who likes to take risk. To get the perfect shot it takes great ideas and a little bit of craziness. Justin has climbed abandoned buildings, snuck into restricted areas, and has stripped down to his underwear to get into a pool to make sure he got the right angle. “The picture was fire and now they’re regulars,” he said about his rewards from going the extra mile.

Justin is also the owner of his own photography business Justin Gordon Photography, LLC, which he does full time. He made a vow to himself that he would no longer work for someone else, and made that dream come true within the last few months.

Instead of Justin just using his skills to better his brand, he’s also been improving brands and businesses throughout the state. Justin took it upon himself over a year ago to make a logo for Carvd N Stone Inc.—which is now our main logo—and since that day, CNS has been all about the visuals.

Justin has made endless amounts of graphics and visuals for CNS, and without him, CNS would not be as attractive as it currently is. And, when CNS first came to be, Justin spent a lot of his time taking pictures of our interviewees.

“I want to create as many different expressions as possible,” he said about his drive to keep creating.

He’s an outdoors guy for sure—whether it’s hiking, biking or fishing, Justin is keeping a mental log of all the outdoor places he visits and sees. When someone comes to Justin for an outdoor photoshoot, he’s already going through his list trying to find the perfect place for that specific shoot.

“The Perfect Shot” with Keynen Butler. (Picture by Justin Gordon)

And aside from the work side of Justin, he’s an uncle trying to provide the best for his young nieces.

“[I want to] make sure they have a bright future in front of them,” and to experience things that he hasn’t. When he gets the chance, Justin takes them on small road trips around the state, such as to an apple farm or different parks. He also likes to visit different restaurants for the first time with them as well.

He says he wants to be a positive role model in their lives, since they don’t get the chance to see many positive Black role models.

Justin may be a man with a camera, but he’s also a man with a vision that could change the way we all see the world.

“I want to showcase to the world what I see,” he said. “Never be afraid to create.”

Haymaker—self portrait. (Picture by Justin Gordon)

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