Just Keep Smiling

Say hello to Milwaukee's longest 10 p.m. tenure anchor Carole Meekins.

Carole is a, more like THE, news reporter at TMJ4.

She never planned on being a news reporter, but after getting laid off from her teaching job, Carole decided to try something different.

Carole took the LSAT,  an important part of the law school admission process in the United States, and got accepted into Law school. She was doing it for the money until she realized she didn't want to become a lawyer.

Carole gave up being a lawyer and went back to the drawing board. She began to set goals for herself and one of those involved going back to school for her master's in Mass Communication. She took one class that dealt with television and her professor made being a news reporter seem so accessible, so Carole decided that's what she wanted to be.

"I love people's story."

When Carole first started, she had no connections and that worried her, but with her hard work she was able to stay in the game longer than anyone in Milwaukee. 

"I put work before pleasure always, sometimes to the extreme." 

Carole is a classical pianist and she had dreams off making it into a profession, but she knew her abilities weren't the best. Carole would practice on the piano for four to five hours some days, and this taught her how to be patient and how to persevere through anything. She started learning at the age of ten, which is old in the musical world, according to Carole. Her mom would tell her to go out and play with the other children because she would practice so much.

She grew up a shy child and that didn't change until her early 20's when she decided "you're going to change everything about yourself."

"I would look from everybody and learn."

Carole didn't receive "good" love from her parents, which is why she believes "we have to learn how to treat our kids better." She never wants to see someone go through what she went through with her mother, but you would never know because she's always smiling.

She used to be angry all the time as a child, but Carole learned in her adulthood to never let her bad emotions show. An old teacher of hers, Dr. Bald, taught Carole "no matter how hard your life is you have to smile." Carole looked up to Dr. Bald because of the way she presented herself. She had a Cadillac, wore a mink, and was a pianist. Carole took that advice and carries it with her every where she goes. 

She works in a cut-throat business that doesn't care about the bad going on people's lives. So whenever you see Carole she has a joyous smile on her face.

Her bad past taught her to always see others as equals.

"We are equal," she said. "I can learn from anyone."

Carole is married with no kids, but she would have given it all up if she did--Carole couldn't see herself being an absent mother. Carole has a fulfilling life that took time to accomplish with her two sisters and a husband,

"I'm fearless," Carole said. "I'm driven on anything I do."

She will forever be a dreamer. She may have accomplished a big goal, but she always thinking of what's next.

Carole's definitely came a long way and she hopes to keep inspiring people for the rest of her life.

"I feel like I have an impact on people," she said. "Everybody has pain, it's how you deal with it."