Keep Grinding

Keep Grinding

A man who started over in life without ever looking back. Fred Young symbolizes faith.

One year ago, Fred didn’t see himself being the person he is today. Never would he have imagined the path he would decide to take through life. Well, I guess you could say Fred was clueless.

It all started in Oct. of 2015 when he got his first camera. He was going on vacation to St. Thomas and he wanted to take quality pictures throughout the trip. Every picture Fred took was horrible, but that didn’t make him put the camera down.

His friend asked him to take pictures of his Easter event. Fred was only able to take one good picture.

That one picture changed Fred’s career path.

Beforehand, Fred was just working at a warehouse job. He went to college right out of high school in 2014, but he couldn’t afford to keep going. After constant troubles he gave up.

He began teaching himself how to use his camera to become an official photographer. It took till a few weeks ago for Fred to actually consider himself a good photographer.

“I was so committed to teaching myself, said Fred. "I really understand photography and visuals now.

Fred is also teaching himself videography, graphic designing, how to DJ and music production. First, he looks on the internet to utilize all of his free resources. Then he turns to paid sources: eBooks, local classes, etc. He also uses his community for additional help. He went to his favorite photographer in the city, Russell Schiller, and received advice that helped advance his career. 

Russell helped Fred realize he needed to better his networking skills. Fred was the one who stayed in the shadows while the action surrounded him. He had to rid his chill ways and become something more.

“If I want to grow, I have to go for it myself.”

Fred read informational blogs and used social media. He began to study pictures of models, and, then found out who took the picture. He would then follow that photographer and learn from their pictures.

He quickly began to develop his own style and he now considers himself a portrait photographer. Fred eventually wants to get into the high fashion industry. Like taking pictures for people such as Vera Wang, but also companies such as Nike, Adidas and Supreme.

Fred is focused on advancing his editing skills, more so, for his videos then his photography.

Photographers are nerds, according to old Fred. He’d never thought he’d actually become one. His freshman year of high school he wanted to be accountant…things have really changed since then.

Once Fred has a photoshoot idea in his head, he thinks of someone who would fit that scene.

“I look at what could be best for both of us.”

Fred doesn’t just consider himself a photographer, he wants people to see him as the media. Fred plans on increasing people’s presence on media through video and audio.

He is very confident in the photographer he has become. His family now sees his potential; they get upset whenever he doesn’t bring his camera with him.

“I’ve learned the recipe, but I put the sauce on it recently.”

Fred sees himself working for the Fader because they’re so involved with pop culture, musicians, actors and basically everything that’s going on in his generation. He’ll be able to reach his target audience, people similar to him, through the Fader.

Fred gives a lot of credit to his friend Brian McClain Jr. aka Maajei Vu, one of Milwaukee’s top producers. Brian always asked to see Fred’s pictures because he wanted Fred to take photography seriously.

“He unlocked my passion for visuals and media.”

Fred has a pretty big list of things he wants to accomplish throughout his lifetime. He wants to create music videos, lookbooks and commercials. Overall he wants to be his own brand. Maybe have a clothing line like his idol Kanye West.

One year from now Fred sees himself being where he wants to be in life.

“It’s a lot easier to come from a 0 to 60, so keep grinding.”

Fred is nowhere near the person he used to be. He is more open, more social and more willing to take risk. Through photography he was able to find out who the real Fred is.

“Don’t be afraid to drop everything and start something new.”

Fred has meet so many colorful creative people in such a short amount of time. From rappers to Youtubers, he appreciates everything new that comes his way.

“Anytime I go somewhere I learn.”

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