Made it Through Traffic

Made it Through Traffic

"It was a point where I didn't know if I was going to rap again," said AR Wesley about his journey to releasing his latest project Traffic.

AR Wesley infront of Milwaukee’s famous ice cream spot Leon’s, located on the southside. (Pictures taken by Lotus Valentine)

AR Wesley started noticing a problem after losing his voice from performing at shows. He didn't pay it much mind until his voice started going out after talking too loudly or laughing. He knew right away that "this ain't normal."

He went to the doctor and was told to rest his voice, so he listened and stopped performing. But, AR Wesley didn't stop there. He went to see a specialist who then discovered a cyst on AR Wesley's vocal cords. 

After the life-changing news, AR Wesley was put on a strict diet, in which he had to cut off acidy foods and couldn't have red-sauce food (spaghetti, ketchup, etc.). He even had to sign paperwork that stated he knew there was a a chance he might lose his voice after having surgery.  

March 2nd of this year, he had his surgery and after months of stress, AR Wesley is back with some new music.

AR Wesley has been working on Traffic since the end of 2016. He didn't want to drop a project he couldn't perform live.

"I had to get my voice back," said AR Wesley. "Shows is where you can get a lot of money off of your music."

He's recently released a few new songs inlcuding 69 and Aqua Interior, and is in the works of dropping Traffic when he's ready for the world to hear what's he been holding out.

Originally from Milwaukee, AR Wesley, and a few of his good friends, relocated to Las Vegas to expand his network, and his life.

Moving away has showed AR Wesley that some of the things he's learned from Milwaukee need to be kept in Milwaukee like being defensive. 

But, there are things that he'll never let go of like his memories and the people he's met.

"I wouldn't want to be raised anywhere else [because] it basically shapes everything I talk about," said AR Wesley. "Milwaukee is home [and] every story I tell is from someone I met in Milwaukee."

AR Wesley started rapping at 13 and, in turn, that helped him become 100 percent honest with himself.

"I can't hold shit in, I have to write's therapeutic."

It took until him being arrested at 20 years old for him to take music seriously. He was arrested for drug charges and hanging out with "reckless" friends. AR Wesley took that as a wake up call and six years later he's putting his music first.

"It's been a crazy road," said AR Wesley. "Things happen and things fall a part, you just have to put them back together."

AR Wesley wanted Traffic to be completely different from his last projects, and since he's "been on the back burner for a long time," he wanted this project to be immaculate. 

He's been in Vegas for about a year, and with his latest project, AR Wesley is showing his poeple back in Milwaukee they can overcome anything. 

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