Major Flavor

Major Flavor

The scent of shrimp lingered throughout Adrian Glover's apartment as he prepared one of his pasta dishes. He cooked with ease as he barely test tasted his food before serving it up to his guest. Adrian may be a pro in the kitchen but he doesn't consider himself a chef.

Adrian Glover’s version of shrimp and grits. (Picture provided by Adrian Glover)

Chefs are formal and Adrian says he does it for fun. He does cater private events, parties and other occasions but he'd rather be cooking for the "cool" people. Since he doesn't like the formality of being a chef, he doesn't like to act nor dress like one. When he's cooking, it's all about the vibe. Adrian's usually in his most comfortable clothes while telling jokes, playing music and just being himself with his customers.

He's a country boy straight from South Carolina, and before Adrian was focused on the taste of food, he was creating trouble. As a young middle schooler, he was caught with a quarter pound of weed, but that was just the beginning. Adrian used to steal trailers until he discovered the police were watching him and his friends. At the time, he was living with a gangbanger, so to avoid more trouble down the line, Adrian bought out his part of the lease and headed to Georgia with about $300.

Much didn't change for Adrian. He was still partying and spending his money in childish ways. When he settled into Atlanta, he met two young men who had similar stories to his. Eventually, the three begin hanging out, smoking and wanting to better their lives. Adrian created fake resumes for the two men, since they've never worked before, and they all got a job. According to Adrian, he had around 10 jobs before he found the one he liked, but, ironically they fired him. 

Who doesn’t like chicken and waffles?

Adrian Glover likes to cover a variety of foods. (Picture provided by Adrian Glover)

Now, Adrian was back to square one. He begin selling drugs again, but that's also when he decided to start cooking more. 

He then created an Instagram and his brand was born—Major Flavor.

Back to the food side of Adrian. He started cooking at the age of 11 from watching his father, who's a retired chef, his grandmother and aunt whip it up the kitchen—his mom didn't cook as much.

Unlike many young people, Adrian was tired of eating out. Through trial and error, each day he was growing as a chef, even though he doesn't consider himself one. He's never actually attended Culinary school but he did get a few certificates and insurance licenses for health reasons. 

"Anything can go wrong," he said about dealing with food. "It's good to always be prepared."

He doesn't have a favorite dish to cook, but he does have his favorite things to mess around with in the kitchen. Adrian enjoys making brunch, specifically shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles and he's usually, sometime during the week, making a pasta dish.

No matter how much technology is developed the word of mouth will always be the best form of gaining customers, and it's been working for Adrian.

Adrian Glover is located in Atlanta, GA. (Picture provided by Adrian Glover)

Adrian graduated with an associates degree in Psychology a few months back, and now he's on the road to getting a bachelors. Although cooking is what Adrian's life consist of, it's not the only thing he does or has done. 

On June 1st of this year, he decided to quit his job of three years to purse better options. What started off has a temp job lead to a promotion that eventually turned into a lot of work. Adrian was a quality lead analysis that dealt with micro biology for a company who makes snacks. In simpler terms, he was the guy to stop the conveyor belt if there was an issue with the products.

People begin quitting and they weren't being replaced, so he and others had to pick up the slack. He was working seven days a week, doing nothing less than 60 hours, plus working on his brand. 

So, he quit and went on vacation for over a month. He traveled to Puerto Rico, Mexico, New York, California and Canada because, why not?

Lobster tail is a great dinner meal. (Picture provided by Adrian Glover)

Adrian's not sure if cooking is really what he wants to do, so he's not making it his main source of income just yet. But, one thing he does know is that he's not the man he used to be.

"Don't give up on yourself because dreams change," he said. "Never get too comfortable with situations."

One scare of potentially going to jail changed his course of life, and now he's filling up hungry customers' bellies whenever he can, or feels like it.

And through it all Adrian is determined to stay positive.

"Don't let your surroundings get the best of you," Adrian said. "I always used to tell myself, things could be worse."

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