Model of the Jungle

Her makeup blends into her skin. The dress hugs her hips while her shoes lift her off the ground. She flips her hair and takes off down the runway.

Alexus Green is the model no one expected her to be.

Alexus’s family is big on sports, so it's no surprise she played them. In middle school basketball was her love. She played up until her junior year of high school, then she switched to volleyball. After graduating in 2015, she went straight to Marquette University. She wanted to continue playing volleyball, but there wasn’t an official team her freshman year. Alexus then tried out for club volleyball, but didn't make the team.

She used to like taking pictures, but now she likes to have her pictures taken.

“I've always been into taking selfies.”

Alexus began modeling two years ago and she’s been doing everything independently since. Always on the lookout for modeling calls--Alexus doesn't want to miss her next big move.

When she walks down the runway, her nerves instantly go away. The moment before her walk is always the hardest for her; it's the same feeling she used to get before each of her games.

The only thing that matters to Alexus right now is modeling.

“I gained a lot more confidence [and] I’ve opened up more,” said Alexus. “My style has changed.”

Modeling has improved Alexus’s life and she hopes to turn her passion into a career.

Alexus is a part of Preview Models which is an international program that helps models get signed. Through the program she was able to audition for a trip to go to Los Angeles to meet agencies.

She was expecting a callback from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., but didn't get a call till around 7:15. Alexus was for sure she didn't get the spot, since she received a call outside of the time she was expecting. To her surprise she made it through.

Around 15 people were selected from each state.

Thanks to the help from her family, Alexus will be in LA next month in hopes of finding an agency.

“Milwaukee’s not getting me out there as much as I want it to.”

Alexus is inspired by Elisha (Lucci) who is a Milwaukee model pursing her dreams in New York. Elisha shared her experiences with modeling and the transition from one to city to another--she's given Alexus advice on what to do and what not to do.

She's been preparing intensely for her trip by eating and exercising correctly. Alexus is confident she will do well, but she always knows things don't always work out.

“At least I know I tried my best.”

With her head held high she is coming for the top.

In the modeling industry weight and height matter. Depending on the situation, Alexus is willing to lose weight, but she hopes it will never have to come to that.

“I want to be accepted for who I am.”

If you don't remember anything about Alexus, remember her name. This is what she wants and she sees no reason to stop chasing her dreams.

Alexus has the confidence of a lion.

The model of the jungle, there's nothing that can stand in her way.

"This is what I want.”