Motherfuckin' DJ DripSweat

Motherfuckin' DJ DripSweat

Last year in November is when Damondria Rushing finally decided to go for one of her childhood dreams.

She created her DJ name at the age of 10: DJ DripSweat.

Somehow she just knew she would be a DJ because people would "always pass the AUX cord" to her.

Her transitions are not to be played with. She practices endlessly and she's still never feels prepared for a gig. 

She can't help but to dance while she's DJing. She feels it in her soul and then her dancing skills just take over.

Her mother told Damondria she could always be a DJ, she was just waiting on Damondria to go for it. 

Her mentor DJ Bizzon saw her talent and drive right away.

"He seen that I was just ready to do this."

DJ Bizzon invited Damondria to a gig and she DJ'd most of the night. The owner of the place loved her set, so he requested to have her play more frequently. He bought her DJ equipment and she paid it off by DJing at his business. 

As a kid, Damondria wanted to be a DJ, a break dancer and a doctor just because her initials were DR.

Well she stuck through with two of her dreams. Damondria danced throughout high school, she also draws and can imitate any she can sing as well. She has many talents and one of them being she can learn quickly. One year she's drawing and the next she's dancing. 

"I feel like I have a new costume every year," and by costume she means talent.

She's recently competed in a competition in Chicago for a spot as a DJ on one of their radio shows. She was one vote away from moving on to to the next stage. Damondria knows where she messed up and where she needs to improve. 

This won't be last of DJ DripSweat in the windy city.

Ms. DJ makes all of her money from DJing gigs and babysitting her friends' children. 

Damondria decides what she's going to play at a gig or event by figuring out who the audience will be. But before she picks music for her audience, she picks music for herself. She likes to choose music she loves, then moves on to what other people might want to hear. Good thing is, Damondria knows so much music that she can satisfy any audience.

"I just want them to know I got them."

Just like any DJ, Damondria does not take request, but she does take tips.

Being a DJ won't be the only thing she's known for. Somehow she plans on navigating each of her talents into each other. 

No matter where Damondria's DJing she likes to throw in 90's Hip Hop. 

Damondria plans on being "the most powerful DJ" in the world.

"I've been dreaming about this since I was 10," said Damondria. "You can literally live your dreams."

Nobody can tell Damondria what she can't do because in her heart she can do it all. 

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