Mudy's Time

Mudy's Time

11 brothers and sisters, M'Deja Louis (Mudy) had to find a way to express herself.

"You were like a number."

With Tupac being one of M'Deja's inspirations, it's no wonder how she fell in love with poetry and the written word. That love turned into a career as a rapper.

She's been rapping for 2 1/2 years and every time she hits the stage "it's great."

"I feel high," said M'Deja. "It's the energy people give you."

M'Deja rarely performs but when she does, the stage is on fire. The audience's mouths fly open because when M'Deja starts flowing you can't help but to be amazed.

She's working on releasing music, which can be hard when you don't have a solid place to make it. Once M'Deja gets everything in order, she'll be releasing track after track because she knows her city has been waiting to hear Mudy. 

A pediatrician is what M'Deja wanted to be because she loves kids. As M'Deja got older, she wanted to get into child therapy since she likes the study of people. 

It's best to catch them young, so they have someone to talk to, said M'Deja. With her big family she never felt she had someone who understood her. M'Deja had friends as well, but the only one who truly understood M'Deja was M'Deja.

"With writing I got to be my own friend."

She released her first book in 6th grade titled Chrysanthemum, which is a flower.

"I just like word play."

In 2015, M'Deja moved down south to Texas, but it wasn't the best move for her. She was constantly getting in trouble with the law so she headed back home to Milwaukee. This was the time M'Deja decided to take her music career seriously.

She does plan on moving again, but she's not sure when. M'Deja loves the DMV area because "she sees a lot of things out there," so that may be her next move. 

Africa is a dream place M'Deja would love to perform at.

"My heart is there in a lot of different ways," said M'Deja. "I would like to see how they pick up on my culture."

In the near future, M'Deja will have a steady music platform, she'll be out of Milwaukee, and people will know who Mudy is around the states and eventually the world.

M'Deja wants people to see her ambition and talent because music means something to her. At first, she made music just to get people to listen to her, now everything she creates comes straight from the heart. 

2018 will be the year M'Deja launches her clothing line. She doesn't want the world to know too many details except that it will stand out.

M'Deja had dreams of being a fashion designer that slipped away, but now they're coming back. After getting fired from her second job, M'Deja needed another way to make cash.

She saw a fashion show was having a modeling call, so she auditioned and made it all the way through. She was already doing photoshoots, so why not add in a runway? 

M'Deja doesn't have a passion for modeling, it's just a tool to help her network.

She will be walking in "The Streets Are My Runway Fashion Show" today on June 4th.

M'Deja can do whatever she puts her mind to and her mind is stuck on being successful.

"I like what I stand for."

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