My Hair is Mine and Your Hair is Yours

My Hair is Mine and Your Hair is Yours

Carrie Mahone (Natural Noni) has never had a perm, but that doesn't mean her hair was in its most natural state. Destroyed and broken from heat damage, Carrie wanted to experience her true curls. 

December 2015 or January of 2016, Carrie decided to make a change, so she stopped straightening her hair.

"I just wanted curls."

Her curls are free and now she's happy, spreading her natural hair journey with the internet world. August 28th, 2016 is when Carrie dropped her first YouTube tutorial on natural hairstyles. 

"I made it to help people."

Carrie remembers watching YouTube videos of women, and girls, doing tutorials on their natural hair, and they made it look perfect and easy. Being a naturalist, Carrie knows every hairstyle isn't going to turn out correctly. She created her channel to show the true side of natural hair. 

"It's not always going to be perfect, but you have to embrace it."

Not every video on her channel turns out how she wants them to. She has a few failed attempts. Carrie wants to show her viewers no matter how hard you try to tame your hair, "your hair is going to do what it wants."

Carrie is hoping to inspire women of color to love their own hair. It's okay to have hair crushes, but you should never love someone else's hair more than yours, said Carrie.

Just because something worked for Carrie doesn't mean it will work for all of her viewers. 

YouTube is not Carrie's dream, it's just something she feels passionate about. She loves to hear people thank her for her videos because it keeps her going.

When she first started her channel, Carrie would constantly check her views and shares which caused her unnecessary stress. Now those numbers don't matter because she's happy making a video even if only one person watches. 

"It's all a process and it isn't going to come easy."

Carrie admits she was scared to do the big chop which is why she gradually cut it off. It's okay to not be sure, but it's also okay to take that risk. Carrie isn't scared to cut her hair anymore because it doesn't define her and she knows it will grow back.

She's a current college student at UWM. After trying for semesters, she finally got into her major: the Journalism, Advertisement and Media Studies department with a minor in communications.

She's not exactly sure what path she'll take with her degree, but she does know she loves talking to people.

In the meantime, Carrie's going to continue sharing tips.

"All natural hair is beautiful [and] don't let nobody tell you differently," said Carrie. "You have to really love what you have."

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