On To Better Things

A black man doing mixed marital arts, what a sight to see. Lewis Gordon is training to be a mixed martial arts fighter while going to school to be a occupational therapist.

Lewis first started learning how to do striking, and around 10 months ago is when he began training for jujitsu. "You have to be good all around" if you want to master mixed martial arts.

He started training because it's just in him and he likes "the grind of it."

He enjoys fighting, but he doesn't like being hit all time which is why he's in school. Lewis knew he wanted to be a doctor, but he wasn't sure what type. He began doing research and occupational therapy was the best fit for him. He likes working out, he's always at the gym, and he likes helping people—Lewis has found his calling. 

In 2013, while Lewis was attending Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) he talked to his adviser about what career path he should take. His adviser was a black man that had so much going for himself, and that inspired Lewis.

"I seen him and I heard his story...that was my epiphany," said Lewis. "I had to get my shit together."

Lewis never knew what he wanted to be growing up, he just knew he had a big heart.

"I'm a helpful person...I'm a giver."

By next spring he'll be a medical assistant. He's taking it step by step because he wants to do things the right way. 

He'll be an official therapist in about eight years. Lewis isn't in a rush because he'll know it'll all be worth it in the end. 

Lewis decided to make a big change in his life because he wants to make sure he has a bright future. His six siblings and their mother all moved to Georgia and after years of debating, Lewis moved there with them in April.

"It wasn't anything left in Milwaukee for me," said Lewis. "My peers weren't trying to grow."

He has his own place with his older sister Kelly and he's already working in the healthcare field there. So far, his experience has been great. Lewis will be taking anatomy and psychology classes over the summer at Chattahoochee Technical College.

"I'm even more focused here."

It took Lewis a year of saving and he plans on staying in Georgia for at least five years. 

Lewis wished he made this move sooner, but he was too attached to things in Milwaukee. He had to cut off people that were toxic in his life because you are who you hang around.

"I had to be willing to give all that up and leave it in the past," said Lewis. "I've been able to accomplish a whole lot more."

Lewis isn't sure if he'll spend the rest of his life in Georgia and he doesn't know if he'll ever live in Milwaukee again, but he does know he's a lot happier.

"If you feel like you gotta make a change, don't hesitate to make that change."