Performer of the 21st Century

Performer of the 21st Century

“Performing is in my blood," said MarkÁnthony Brisby Jr.

He's only 19-years-old and he's already showing the world he's the next big thing. MarkÁnthony is a dancer, model, actor and singer...does he ever sleep?

"I pursue everything in every aspect."

If he had to number his talents from his favorite to his least favorite, he wouldn't be able to do it. Each of MarkÁnthony's talents are what make him, him.

He's only been a model for one and a half years and he's had over 18 photo shoots. MarkÁnthony has been acting since middle school while music and dance have always been in his life.

"I always felt like I'm very much of a character."

MarkÁnthony has a million thoughts running through his head and he's always imagining he's someone else, so acting is perfect for him. In a way, his talents help keep him sane...sometimes. 

"I drive everybody in my circle crazy."

He has an exceptional resume: preforming for B.O.B, staring in Milwaukee's first movie: 53206, working with Loco Motion and so much more.

When it comes to MarkÁnthony and music, well he's always been a singer, but never wanted to do it as a profession. Then one day something made him realize, "I have to put out music."

"I couldn't think about moving on with my life without going for it."

With all of these talents, MarkÁnthony eventually wants to become a manager. He wants to help artist improve their talents and  get them into their field.

He lost his father in 2013 and for a while he couldn't get a grasp of his life.

"I completely lost myself," said MarkÁnthony. "After it sunk in he was gone, I took off (with my talents)." 

After dealing with that, he knows he's invincible. He stopped waiting on others and went for everything himself.

MarkÁnthony isn't just doing this for himself, but for also for his city. He sees the potential Milwaukee has and he wants to be the person to put everyone on the map. 

"There's so much talent here, but we're so behind we get over looked," he said. "I look at this city and I see everybody pushing, and that makes me happy."

Everyday MarkÁnthony thinks of his future; he already has a set plan of how he's going to get to where he wants to be.

"I don't slack at anything," said MarkÁnthony. "I'm always practicing." 

One day MarkÁnthony will be on the VMAs' stage performing and showing off all four of his talents.

"There all so dear to my heart," said MarkÁnthony. "It's how I function...It's a way of life for me."

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