Respect The Shooter

He's a freelance photographer who's been taking pictures for three years.

"I've been around pictures all my life," Justin Gordon said.

His mother was the one person who always had a camera at every family event--I guess you could say she's a hoarder, but only for pictures. Whenever he got the time, Justin would stare at the pictures and imagine what was going at the moment the picture was taken.

"I take something better every day."

Justin's camera is like his baby, you never see him without it. If he's not taking pictures of buildings or people, he's editing pictures. Luckily for Justin he didn't have to buy his camera because his older brother Khaleel Grandberry bought it for himself.

Khaleel originally bought the camera to make music videos to go along with his rap music, but that dream soon fell through. While all of this was happening, Justin found himself using the camera more often than his brother, which led to Khaleel giving up his camera to his little brother.

When Justin first started doing photography, he rated himself as a three out of ten because "everything looked so plain," but now he rates himself as an eight.

"People love the pictures I take, but I know can always be better."

Justin doesn't consider himself a portrait photographer because he does it all. From weddings to protest, he's taking high quality photos. 

Justin's favorite thing to take pictures of is buildings.

"Architecture is fun to look at because buildings come in all shapes and sizes."

Photography wasn't in Justin's future because he was too focused on looking up to his father. His father is a minister who moves people with his words, which is why Justin wanted to be a public speaker. Now Justin let's his pictures do all of his speaking.

Without being in college, Justin has an internship with Urban Milwaukee.

"It's something a lot of people don't do, but it shows me I'm dedicated to photography."

Dedicated isn't the right word because he lives and breathes photography.

"If you have a passion don't put anything above it."

While Justin was in high school he did track, cross country and swim because he wanted to have fun during high school. These three sports kept him motivated, but now it's his camera that gets him up every day in the morning. 

"It's the best feeling in the world," said Justin. "People actually get to see what I put out there."