Split Between Two Loves

Split Between Two Loves

Fast forward four years later and Lauren Anderson isn't sure if she wants to continue being a journalist. She wants to feel like she's making a difference and sometimes journalism "just isn't enough."

Most car rides, her mom would be play the national public radio and this got Lauren interested in journalism.

"I've always liked listening to reporters ask questions."

Her dream job is to work in national public radio--some may find that dream weird since she only has a background in print/online journalism. 

She graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013 and got her first job at a local weekly newspaper. She started as a reporter and within a year she became the associate editor.

"I like that I was getting to write full time."

Not many graduates receive a job right out of school. Lauren was told it would be hard to find newspaper jobs yet she proved them wrong. Eventually she left that job to work at the Waukesha Freeman.

When she first started working at the Freeman she had the freedom to write what she wanted. Lauren eventually found a passion for education, which is now her main topic at the Freeman. Two and a half years later and Lauren's job has became stressful because the staff keeps getting smaller.

When days get hard Lauren wonders if journalism is for her, but then she remembers one thing:

"I'm in this field for a reason," she said. "It's something for me to accomplish here."

Lauren moved around a lot so didn't have steady relationships. Her family was and is her main support system, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Her parents taught Lauren and her siblings to respect everyone, and by them moving so much Lauren was able to meet, know, and understand multiple cultures.

"It's made me adaptable and resilient."

Nonprofit work consumes Lauren's head most of the day. Her favorite memories in Madison are when she worked with war veterans and the homeless. Lauren helped them improve their interviewing skills and taught them how to update their resumes.

"I have a lot of dreams that don't involve journalism."

She has a heart full of love that she's ready to give away. Lauren's not sure if she'll continue being a journalist, but it'll always have a spot in her heart.

"I love encouraging people into journalism," Lauren said. "We need good journalist...don't settle for clickbate or fake news...seek the good stuff and be that."

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