Started Right On Time

Started Right On Time

The Harte's are a Marquette family. Stephanie Harte, her mother and now her little brother will have all went to Marquette University, with her brother being the last graduate. 

"I just the love community of it," said Stephanie. "Everyone seems so welcoming."

Stephanie just recently graduated from Marquette this May with a bachelor's degree in Journalism.

"I love hearing about the passion behind people's work."

Stephanie feels like she started journalism late. She didn't decide to take that path till her senior year of high school. Marquette is an expensive school, but Stephanie received a scholarship to help reduce those extreme prices.

She always wanted to be an English teacher, but her mom talked her out of doing it. Her mother is a teacher and she doesn't want Stephanie exposed to the things going on within the system. Teachers don't have the freedom to teach their classes like they want to anymore, according to her mother. 

Stephanie Harte and Amy Elliot-Meise won SPJ awards in Minneapolis for best non daily student newspaper and best student magazine.

Marquette wasn't ready for Stephanie, but Stephanie was ready for it. She came in with power. Stephanie immediately started writing for Marquette Wire: Arts & Entertain her freshman year. What started off as a volunteer unpaid job turned into her being the Editor and Chief of the Marquette Journal. 

She may have started late, in her eyes, but she's way ahead of the game now. 

Stephanie was born and raised in Illinois, but Milwaukee is her new home. 

This summer, she started interning for Reader's Digest in Milwaukee although she did want to apply for the branch in New York. Stephanie knew she could've got the position, but the pay wasn't enough to afford New York's living expenses. 

Stephanie hopes to be an editor again because she likes to teach young journalist. As Editor and Chief, she was in charge of her own staff--filled with eager new journalist.

"I like to see them gain confidence [and] hear the progression they went through."

Unlike many college freshman, Stephanie chose her major and stuck with it for all four years. 

After working with multiple genres of writing, her favorite is long form feature stories. Stephanie loves to find hidden gems and give their story a spotlight. 

She hopes to one day be a "very well-known journalist" on television. But without the fame, as long as she's telling people's stories, Stephanie's happy.

"I didn't go into it for the money."

Stephanie Harte interviewing the Director of Gospel at Marquette for the choir's performance at the Democratic Debate in February 2016.

Stephanie loves being a part of the media because she gets to spread the truth.

"I think journalist are being more respected," said Stephanie. "People need news to keep informed."

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