The Art of Low Poly

The Art of Low Poly

Stephen Curry. (Graphic Design by Desiree Fuller)

As humans, what we can do with our hands and minds is boundless. We are all creators and so is Desiree Fuller. Desiree says she’s a ‘'free-for-all type of artist,” because she likes to experiment with different types of art.

She designs stickers, flyers and whatever a person may need designed.

It started back in high school when she was enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program and Advanced Placement classes at Rufus King. While taking advanced art, she knew she wanted to be a part of the art world but didn’t know where she would fit.

It wasn’t until Desiree’s father introduced her to graphic design that she began pursuing it as a career. Now, she has a degree in the field and is learning new techniques by the day.

“It [graphic design] helps me to create an identity within the [art] field,” she said about her love for graphic design.

Through graphic design, she said the art world becomes limitless because with “graphic design you can do anything.”

Desiree recalls back in summer ‘16 learning Low Poly art, meaning everything in the picture or graphic is made from triangles. In one of design classes, she noticed some of her peers were using that technique, so she decided to learn too.

Just like most of her work, Desiree used Adobe Illustrator to make her first Low Poly art piece, which features rapper Cam’ron. She said the piece took her two hours to make, she then went on to create a Drake piece which took her double the time as the first one. But, the more pieces she makes, the faster and more creative she gets.

After taking a year break from graphic design, she was contacted by an old high school friend. He wanted a self-portrait of himself, but with the unique style of Low Poly. That piece only took her about an hour, but now she’s back to creating.

After spending some time in the administration field, Desiree is packing up her bags and moving to Chicago by Nov. 13. She’s been offered a position at a sports design company, where she’ll be doing what she loves.

Because once you “figure out what you want to be in the art world,” you can be anything.

Cam’ron. (Graphic Design by Desiree Fuller)

Although she is a in place of transition in her life, Desiree is excited for what the windy city has in store for her, but she did state she has plans to come back home to Milwaukee one day. Desiree knows the art scene is growing in Milwaukee and she hopes when she comes back, it’s grown into something bigger than she ever could’ve imagined.

But, besides her artwork, Desiree is a humble, bubbly person who just wants to make the best of every day.

“It’s not always about the monetary value in art,” she said. “Have fun [and] don’t steal people’s art.”

Drake. (Graphic Design by Desiree Fuller)

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