The Beat that Keeps Bangin

Cleotha Patton (wvesounz) is producing beats that can make anyone move to the beat.

"I actually care about music," said Cleotha. "Music brings people together no matter what age, is universal."

Cleotha started producing in 2010 when Wiz Khalifa released his mixtape "Kush & Orange Juice." 

He started using Fruity Loops with his $300 laptop he bought himself. Lots of rappers have rapped over his beats, but he only likes one artist's song who used his beat: "I Pray" by CT. 

"It's one of the best beats I made to date."

With his own website, Cleotha is able to sell his beats while gaining royalties from the artist who use his beats, depending on the contract. 

Cleo Patton.jpg

"I love taking care of people."

Other than being a producer, Cleotha is also working towards becoming a nurse.

"I believe you can do multiple things in multiple markets."

By the end of the year, Cleotha plans on releasing an instrumental mixtape. He's inspired by two of his favorite producers: Cardo and Seldgren because of their unique sound.

"They carved out their own sound," he said. "It's melody with hard drums."

Cardo's beat "Mesmerize" was the first beat Cleotha tried to recreate, but it wasn't successful. 

But he doesn't let failure stop him.

"It allowed me to produce and figure out what sound you need (to make a quality beat)."

If Cleotha could, he would make a beat for J. Cole. 

"I feel like he talks to me," said Cleotha. "His scenarios I see in real life."

Hopefully music creates a way for Cleotha to own a house in Calabasas, where he's able to take care of his family. 

In five years, Cleotha will be an official nurse and making beats for major artist.

"When I do music its just heart," he said. "I love it like you would love a child. I can do this every day."

Cleotha admits he wasn't good at making beats, but with time, practice, and patience he considers his beats to be of high quality.

"Now I can work rock with the best of them."

When he first start producing, those around him didn't believe in his talents, but now they all want to be involved with his talent somehow. 

"It's something I love to do," he said. "And if it's something I love, I'm going to do it."