The Duo of Trap & B

The Duo of Trap & B

The one of the only rap and singing duos in Milwaukee. Tyson Spears Jr. (Tyso SPRME) and Andrew Plewa (Drúdini) are bringing a new wave to the music scene in the 414.

Tyson and Andrew met in high through a mutual friend: Cleo Fox, who is now their producer. With the rap skills of Tyson and the vocals of Andrew they are Nefelibata.

“Our voices sound good together,” said Andrew.

It wasn’t always just these two working together; they were originally a part of a group with four to five other people. Everyone wasn’t as dedicated to the music as others, so they all went their separate ways.

But, Tyson and Andrew knew they had something special together.

“We make music you can feel an emotion to,” said Tyson.

“Our music makes you feel with your ears and mind,” said Andrew.

They come from different backgrounds, but that didn’t stop them from becoming the best of friends.

During Andrew’s childhood, he was able to experience live band shows all the time. His father, Joel Plewa, had his own band: The Vortex. Joel’s concerts usually didn’t have large audiences, but that never mattered to Andrew. Andrew’s role model is Joel and if it wasn’t for the Vortex, who knows if Nefelibata would even exist.

“The atmosphere instilled something in me,” said Andrew.

Andrew always loved to show off his singing skills whenever he got the chance, but it wasn’t until high school when he got heavily involved with Hip-Hop.

“I was calling girls and singing to them on the phone," said Andrew. "They loved it."

Tyson feel in love with music at the age of 15 after watching his older cousin, Nolan (N Dot), make music in Tyson’s basement. Nolan taught young Tyson how to make beats, hooks and everything valuable someone interested in the music industry needed to hear. Through music Tyson is able to say all of the things he would never say to anyone else.

“I feel in love with music because I am able to express myself,” said Tyson.

He grew up listening to Outkast, Biggie Smalls, Cash Money, Big Pun, Tupac, Big Moe, and DJ Screw. Through music he’s learned quite a few life lessons. One being you can’t tell everyone your next move. Or that not every friendship will last forever. And there’s a lot of rumors going around, but you have to stay to true to who you are.

When these two first started recording they didn’t know how to market their music. While in high school they released 12 tapes.

“We thought 200 hits was the sh*t,” said Tyson.

Tyson nor Andrew thought they would be so devoted to making music. Tyson wanted to be a hooper, while Andrew wanted to get drafted into the NFL. Tyson has given up on his hooper dream, but Andrew is still trying to achieve his football dream.

it makes things difficult for Nefelibata with Andrew being away at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh for periods of time.

“We send stuff through email and FaceTime for music,” said Andrew.

The separation is also hard on their friendship. It’s hard being away from each other, but they do what they have to.

Since high school, Nefelibata was able to improve their music skills: voice, vibe, and production.

“The new music we’re working on is a lot deeper,” said Tyson. “This is us.”

These two have grown together through music and they plan on continuing down that same path. They know if they want to achieve their dreams they have to fight for it.

“If you got a talent… use it,” said Tyson. “If you don’t have desire than you have nothing.”

“It’s all about how bad you want it,” said Andrew.

Nefelibata definitely knows they want it and nothing can stop them from reaching the top.

The music scene in Milwaukee seems to be very distinct, which is why Nefelibata created their own: Trap & B.

Andrew’s high pitched vocals and Tyson’s deep voice creates a sound like no other.

“You don’t get that rap and that smooth sh*t to cover it like us,” said Andrew.

 It’s not just about the vibe, but, also the lyrics. Nefelibata’s music is about being relatable. They want their audience to understand and vibe with every hum, vocal and line they produce.

This unique duo is ready to take over the city, but first they have to make it known who they are.

Nefelibata is more than just a music group. They are brothers, more like Trap & B brothers who are ready to spread vibes around the city that have never been around before…

I guess you just have to catch the “Nefelibata Wave” before you miss it.

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