True to You

True to You

A makeup artist, fashion designer and hero all in one; Grant Karpin is multi-talented. 

Grant's not your typical makeup artist...well not by society's standards. Grant is androgynous, fearless and confident in all of his abilities. Sometimes Grant goes by "he" or maybe "her," any pronoun really, except "it."

"It is degrading."

Grant used to struggle with her gender and so she would experiment. She started using makeup to be more feminine, but eventually she feel in love with it.

Through his makeup and life journey, Grant used social media as his comfort. In elementary school, Grant was bullied for being himself. It got so bad Grant considered committing suicide, but thankfully his social media friends convinced him not to.

Over the years, Grant has built up her social media fan base and gained friends from all over the world. She's not only a friend, but, sometimes, a lifesaver.

"I saved them from suicide." 

People feel comfortable coming to Grant because he cares about others and he's true to himself.

"I don't have to feel apologetic for who I am," said Grant. "I've always been told to be my most authentic self."

Although he was bullied at school, Grant always had his family's support. They didn't care what Grant considered himself as long as he was himself. 

Aside from the makeup, Grant is a fashion designer. 

At 18-years-old, Grant is showing the younger generation how to fight for their dreams.

Around 15 or 16, Grant studied fashion at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) over the summer--he loved every second of the experience. 

Fashion shows mean a lot to Grant; through them he's able to tell a conceptual story.

"I think its really cool how poetic it can be."

Grant hopes to return to FIT in the near future for college. It's in his favorite place in the world: New York, and it feels like home to him. 

"That's really where my heart is."

She's able to afford to focus so much on her passions because of her grandmother Eileen Jagoda. Her grandmother is a successful oil painter who supports her granddaughter's dreams. They're both artist at heart and maybe that's why they're so close. 

Other than feeling like home, Grant loves New York because of it's fashion. The edginess and the grittiness makes Grant want to go back to New York as soon as he can.

He's been to New York around 10 to 12 times and hopefully he'll be adding a lifetime stay to that list. 

No matter where Grant ends up, she'll leave her mark everywhere she goes.

"Being authentic and  being true will pay off."

Grant is a Kansas native with the heart and soul of a New Yorker. From the scared little child who thought, "I felt like the world didn't understand me," to the young adult who believes in their self, Grant is going to go far. 

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