Use Your Time Wisely

Use Your Time Wisely

The clothing line with a message: Utilize your time. Jurrele McDonald and Steven Bradford are the creators of TwentyFour.

It all started with Steven who had his own website. He then got the idea to start his own clothing line from a friend. The first design said 'Dope or Nope' and sold out, but Steven knew he wasn't that good with graphics, so he contacted somebody who was: Jurrele.

"It didn't have a message people could connect with," said Steven, so the two men teamed together to create something new. 

They've been inspiring people to use their time wisely since they've released their first TwentyFour product.

"I want people to feel like they can do something," said Jurrele.

They want their clothing line to influence people like Nike does. When someone puts on Nike they feel different and TwentyFour is meant to make you want to get up and do something productive with your 24 hours, said the men.

"We'll go to somebody, knock on their door, and give them their hoodie," said Jurrele.

Jurrele and Steven are all about putting their customers first. They like to hand deliver their clothing because they truly appreciate all of their supporters. 

"We don't release things twice," said Steven.

When these two say "get them while you can" they truly mean it. If you don't buy that specific design when they release it then you're going to miss out on a wave. 

Jurrele may be the graphic designer, but if they both don't agree on a design, then they won't go through with that specific design. They post previews of potential clothing on social media to get opinions from their loyal customers. 

They each hope to inspire the youth and show them that they can be what they want to be.

"I just want to create waves," said Steven.

"Dreams only go as far you push them," said Jurrele.

TwentyFour is meant to change the world not just Milwaukee.

"Older people can wear it too," said Steven.

Anyone can and should use their time wisely, which is why TwentyFour is a brand meant for everyone. Both men want to eventually pass their clothing line down to their children, if they decide to have some.

It's not easy running a business, but TwentyFour is their gem and they hope to one day see everyone in it.

"Business will get slow and it will get hard, but don't fall off track," said Steven.

"Everything falls on yourself at the end of the day," said Jurrele.

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