Valentine Baby

Valentine Baby

She was a gift to the world maybe that's why she was born on Valentine’s Day. Michelle McAdams (Lotus Valentine) has many talents, but she's mainly known for her art and photography.

"I kept putting myself out there…always reaching out to people."

She got her first camera three years ago from her mother. Michelle is heavily involved in Milwaukee's music scene so she would attend local music events and take pictures. At that time, no one wanted her to take pictures, but now they're all waiting to be the next model on her list.

Michelle is an art lover. Michelle's high school art teacher gave her a large ply wood board and asked her to paint on it. That piece made Michelle fall in love with art. 

"There's an energy about art," she said. "Painting feels like going on a vacation."

Michelle has found a way to mix her passion for art and love for photography into one--she's recently started doing body art.

"It's so different from painting on a canvas and not a lot of people are doing it."

Michelle is very hands on--she has to use as much of herself in her work as she can. She needs to feel positive vibes to produce her best quality work. And when she's painting she has to smoke, it helps her get in the mood to create her magic.

"I don't bite other people's style."

An original artist who doesn't like to be around too many people. As long as she has her family, friends and her man with her, she'll be the Michelle everyone loves.

“You can be real and not feel like your better than others.”

It’s been a year since Michelle got her first “good” camera. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago people started to reach out to her.

“It was kind of hard at first, but people see the progression.”

Michelle sees herself painting in Greece or on the beach with palm trees. 

Michelle was a guest speaker at her old high school. She told students her life story and how she became the person she is today.

“I speak a lot on what I believe.”

Never afraid to take a chance and stand up for what’s right, Michelle will make a difference somehow.

She’s finally at a place in her life where she’s completely happy; the happiest she’s been in her life, but Michelle didn’t accomplish this level of happiness alone.

“You gotta have people who will literally give you a push.”

When Michelle talks about herself, she can’t help but talk about those she’s surrounded by. They’re her backbone and she hopes they know how much she truly appreciates them.

Michelle’s favorite painting she’s done is her skeleton piece. To her it’s a “natural and physical creation” because “life will always be there if we’re not.” The painting symbolizes growth.

“I want to inspire people with my story.”

So if you’re ever thinking about giving up think of Michelle and keep pushing.

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