Warrior Child: She's Unstoppable

Warrior Child: She's Unstoppable

You ever met a woman with superpowers? Well if you haven't, maybe you should visit Milwaukee and find Tajhai Wilson (Taj Raiden).

Tajhai is a female rapper who comes to full power when she's on stage. 

"It's like an outer body experience."

She's been rapping for years, and now today on her 22nd birthday, June 5th, she'll be turning up to her music and other local artists in her hometown of Milwaukee at the Catcus Club. 

Music has helped Tajhai deal with her depression because being a black queer woman in a heterosexual world can be hard. Tajhai's music comes from a place of aggression and sadness, but you'd never know just by looking at her.

Her smile never fades. Tajhai is a fighter, which is what her artist name means. 

Before Tajhai decided to go full force with music, she wanted to be a lawyer because she watched too many episodes of Law & Order. While she was living in North Carolina she attended Eastern Wayne where she was able to take law classes. Tajhai struggled to retain all of the information thrown at her and that's when she decided being a lawyer wasn't for her. She also has morals and being a lawyer can take away from that, said Tajhai. 

In 2015, Tajhai attended Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) for audio production, and after she finished her music classes she dropped out. 

"I didn't wanna take the core classes."

Tajhai wasn't going to school for herself, but to make her family happy. She decided to live for her, so she left school and worked on her music career.

She hopes to move to California next year, but she'll never forget where she started.

"I'll always come back," said Tajhai. "This is where the initial love comes from."

Tajhai has performed all around Milwaukee and her next stage is SummerFest with singer Lex Allen.

"I literally have so much anxiety before I perform."

Before each performance, Tajhai likes to mediate. Through her spirituality she’s able to get through anything in life.

“I found self-love through spirituality.”

At age 19, Tajhai committed a suicide attempt. This was at the same time when she was in school, but she didn't want to be there anymore. She had a lot of self-doubt and had been dealing with depression since nine. To overcome her troubles, Tajhai took a 3-month vacation down south with her aunt and uncle. During this time, she was sober and enjoying the natural world. Tajhai came back refreshed and ready to fight for her dreams.

She may still be battling her own demons, but that won’t stop her from reaching for the stars, plus her city loves Taj Raiden.

“In the city it’s a lot of love.”

Tajhai has worked with local artist around town, but there's still a few talents she has her eye on: Dee Phr3sh!, siren, Abby Jeanne and GGOOLLDD. 

Tajhai also makes afro-futuristic jewelry. Tajhai has been making jewelry since the age of 13 as a hobby.

Since Tajhai was born into spirituality, it's no surprise she decided to grow locks. 

"Locs are a spiritual journey."

She's been growing her hair for two years and ever time she needs to refresh herself, she cuts her sides a little shorter.

Some people may call her weird, but Tajhai is just living her life the way she wants to.

"If you're awkward, embrace it," said Tajhai. "There's no such thing as normal."

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