Discovering Your Passion, Again

If music is playing than Virgillete Adams is moving. She's a modern and Hip-Hop dancer, and she's been dancing since five years old.

Virgillete was limited when it came to her dance life through her younger years because of her parents. They never entered her in competitions, so she had to work with what she had.

three years ago Virgillete danced at a seafood festival in Wisconsin and it's still her favorite dance performance. Virgillete loved the energy of the crowd because the environment kept her hype the entire time. 

Dance is Virgillete's first love but it isn't her only talent: she's also a poet. Her sister went to High School of the Arts and she encouraged Virgillete to "share her truth with her others." Virgillete wasn't a fan of opening up with others, but thanks to her sister, she stepped out of her comfort zone. 

She noticed her art can help others because although we're all different, we're similar too. 

Virgillete was disturbed by the news because of the many killings and police brutalities. She decided to make a poem titled "Welcome to America" and she still remembers how she felt during the time she wrote it. Usually she writes in sections but this piece she wrote with fluidity. And it only took about an hour to finish it.

"I just got to release a lot of energy."

With her talents she wants to inspire and affect people in a positive way. Virgillete wants to "open that door for other people to express themselves."

She has a curious mind so she wants to eventually start traveling from country to country--experiencing other cultures like Thailand or West Africa. She's been to Florida, Georgia, California, Washington, Tennessee and Minnesota, but her mind and heart wants more. 

Virgillete looks up to, André 3000 and Kaliya Whitaker. 

Kaliya is the owner of Loco Motion and is from the same city as Virgillete. 

"She inspires me a lot and she doesn't even realize it."

Thanks to Milwaukee, Virgillete got back into dance after quitting for a year in 2010. She went to an audition and immediately after it was over she told herself, "I'm done with dance...I'm never going to do it again." She thought she should focus on something more "normal" until someone contacted her about being in a show. From that point on she's been dancing.

"I made up my mind [that] this is what I'm going to do."

She's learned that you should "never ever stop doing what you love" and that "the biggest hurdle is overcoming yourself."

Virgillete now knows being a dancer is who she is.