Big Bank take Lil Bank

Freshest on the block, Keshon Stewart is the man with the kicks.

Keshon has been reselling shoes for two years. His love for shoes has brought him a fun time and money in his pocket.

"You make profit instantly."

He got the idea from Facebook and learned the ins and outs from Resell Cartel. The money is always the goal for Keshon but he does get a thrill out of the whole resale process. Keshon has the most fun hunting for the shoes than actually selling them...but never forget "it's all about the money," he said. "Cash rules."

Reselling is just a way for Keshon to make cash. He has no interest in making this a career like some people tend to do.

Keshon's dreams involve coding. At first, Keshon wanted to be a news reporter, but then he soon lost interest in that dream. After a year and a half, Keshon switched his major to programming and coding-- a big jump but he'll never regret taking the leap.

"It's a challenge," Keshon said. "I always like challenges."

He started school in a different state, but due to money he had to come back home to Milwaukee. He hopes to land a job in a different state because he's over life in the brew city. 

"I love Milwaukee but I don't feel I have a future here."

If everything goes as planned, Keshon will eventually create a rec center in Milwaukee for the youth. Keshon used to be a track athlete and he feels athletes don't give back enough, so he wants to be that change. The rec center would be would in the inner city because the suburban areas "already got enough."

Since Keshon has been in the shoe game, he's noticed how much hate re-sellers receive. People like to judge re-sellers because they sell shoes more than what they're worth, but Keshon doesn't see that as a problem.

Everyone wants to make money and being a re-seller is where the money's at, said Keshon.

"Us re-sellers, we're the same as everybody else." he said. "We got dreams."

Keshon is just trying to survive, pay off his loans, and have a great life.

"If you can make some money, make some money," Keshon said. "Why not capitalize on a market that's already there?"

He's making money legally, and he's using the profits wisely. Reselling isn't who he is, it's something he's mastered.