Blunt Not Mean

Ashlie Cook started doing make-up at the age 16 during high school. She's been off and on with make-up, but that doesn't take away from her talent. 

Before she started doing make-up on herself, she was watching YouTube videos.

Thanks to Ashlie's supportive mother, Rita, Ashlie kept going with make-up. Rita goes hard for her children and Ashlie loves it.

"She's my number one fan."

Ashlie enjoys doing make-up, but she's not sure if she'll make it her career. She attended Mount Mary University for a year for fashion design. Due to life circumstances, she had to dropout but she hopes to go back.

Doing make-up is not her main source of income--she only does it when someone requests her.

"I've been really riding the wave."

Ashlie is a hotel receptionist. Even though she's not sure of a lot, she is sure she won't continue being a receptionist the rest of her life. 

Ashlie works in Brookfield and listens to trap music every day she drives to work.

2016 was a bad year for Ashlie because she lost her best friend Keemari. She doesn't talk about it because if she does it will make the situation real.

"I just block it out," said Ashlie. "I'm numb to everything."

A Milwaukeean at heart, but she's ready for more. 

"I would love to travel."

California and Colorado are places Ashlie would love to visit, especially with friends. 

Ashlie has considered living outside of the country, but she'd rather live in an English-speaking community. According to her, she's too forgetful to learn someone else's culture...maybe she'll move to Canada or an island one day.

She doesn't like to lie or be lied to. Ashlie can be intimidating to people because of how blunt she is, but she's a sweetheart who keeps it real. Throughout high school, she often got misjudged because of her truthfulness. She's even lost a few friends because of it, but that hasn't stop Ashlie from doing her own thang.

"I'm a super grounded person [and] I know what I want."

Even though she's been doing make-up for years, Ashlie doesn't consider herself a make-up artist. She's a perfectionist and her own biggest critic.

Ashlie has been experimenting with different make-up techniques because she likes doing "all types of make-up."

It doesn't matter your skin complexion because Ashlie can do it all. She's still learning and growing, but she's happy with how far she's come.